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YoAmoBqto Route: the Must-Go Spots to Watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup 2018 is here! Who you cheering for?

The World Cup is about to start! Are you ready to get your hands up for your colors? The hype and spirit are already here, and we know you can’t wait to shout with your friends the first goal your team scores; what’s better than to enjoy this worldwide celebration with your best buddies? And since Yo Amo Barquisimeto is as excited as you are, we got the best spots for you in town to enjoy Russia 2018.

So go grab the Yo Amo Barquisimeto World Cup Calendar and let’s celebrate!

Humo’s Grill & Chill Out

Victory is waiting for you on the rooftop of the Hotel Tiffany! Chill Out Bar is the first stop in our Russia 2018 route. Have fun with your friends watching the World Cup matches, have a few drinks, and enjoy the stunning view of our beloved city from the top. Later, you can move a few floors down to Humo’s Grill if you’re looking for an excellent cuisine to match the championship; you’ll be celebrating among excellent pasta, fajitas, and more! If a full belly means a happy heart, then imagine while watching a World Cup match.

The Hotel Tiffany is located in Nueva Segovia, between the 2nd street and Lara Avenue. Take the flag you’re rooting for, and we’ll meet you there!


Pizza, beers and more is what’s waiting for you at Maranello! Located at the Churun Merú and Sambil de Barquisimeto, this restaurant is a spot you and your friends can’t miss. Wear your team’s t-shirt and cheer for them; ask for another round of drinks, or are you dying to try the tequeños? We guarantee that you will have a good time during the soccer competition at this restaurant.

FIFA World Cup 2018

Pick a place and meet your friends to watch the match!


Mi Vagón

Our next World Cup stop can also be found at the Sambil de Barquisimeto, next to Maranello, and at the end of the Ferrocarril Avenue, on Barquisimeto’s West Side. Mi Vagón is waiting for you with its delicious meals and drinks, so come to celebrate your favorite team goals at this restaurant! Delight your senses with great food, your best friends and all of the matches of Russia 2018.


Kama Lunch

Also at the Sambil, the place for beers, pepitos, and the World Cup is Kama Lunch. With the transmission of all the matches and its platos mundialisimos, you won’t regret choosing this place to enjoy the worldwide party. Craving a hamburger, perhaps? Or you’re more of a club-house sandwich person? Anything you want, you’ll find it right here, and if you’re waiting for a particular match, then make a reservation!




Chicharrón Gourmet

Our national dishes are not left behind with Russia 2018. Located at the Colegio de Abogados, Chicharrón Gourmet is the place to enjoy our typical Venezuelan food while watching this soccer celebration; its colorful vibe and decorations along the pool will make you spend a fun and different time with your family or friends, or even both! You’ll get to watch your favorite sports season with Venezuelan flavor.

Zuko Sport Bar

If you’ve got more of a sports-vibe, Zukos was made for you! There is no place more prepared for Russia 2018 than Zuko because the best way to enjoy the World Cup is while sharing a few cold beers with your friends. This Sports Bar is located at the Vargas Avenue, at the Colegio de Médicos. Who’s ready to bet a round of beers on the next match?

We don’t know about you, but we’re already making plans to visit these spots. It’s World Cup time! We’re not in Russia, but we will celebrate it as if we were champions. And just like the song: “We’ve been waiting for this all year, so let’s live it up!


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