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YoAmoBqto Route: Vacations in the Parks

Parks of Barquisimeto

Barquisimeto is full of lovely spots to enjoy with your friends and family.

Name one thing better than summer break. Spoiler: you can’t, because there’s nothing better! No class, no stress, just fun. We know you’re probably fantasizing with staying at home in your PJs watching a movie, and hey, that’s actually a good plan, but we have another thing planned that’s even better: join us on this route! Barquisimeto is waiting to be explored, so get your friends and let’s get moving.


Parque Del Este

The first to-do is a picnic at the Parque Del Este. Do you even remember the last time you had one? Get your best blanket, prepare your favorite snacks, a nice group of friends and sit by the tree with the biggest shade, I can assure you that it will be a day you’ll never forget! You can’t go wrong with a picnic.


Also, summer break means time for yourself! If you’ve been waiting to start a healthy life, this is it. At the Parque Del Este, you’ll get to try running, yoga, and more! 21 days make a habit, would you accept the challenge?


Parque Zoológico y Botánico Bararida

Next thing on the route is to take a walk through the zoo that all the Guaros have loved since we were little, the Parque Bararida. Take your baby cousins, nephews or children and introduce them to one of the great traditions of Barquisimeto! Now it’s your turn to make new memories, and don’t forget about all the great times you had there. Say hi to the manatees and visit the cool Serpentario. What was your favorite part of the zoo?

Parques Barquisimeto

Goodbye stress! Rest while you enjoy the breeze and sunshine of our city.

Paseo Juan Guillermo Iribarren

Time to get moving, ladies and gentlemen! The Paseo Juan Guillermo is the perfect spot to get some fresh air while having a nice workout. Grab your bike or skates, call your friends, and spend the day treating your body and mind well! Show us your talent on a skateboard or perhaps run around the Paseo along with your friends!


Santa Rosa

Last but not least, get to the lovely Santa Rosa to finish your route around the city. Enjoy the amazing view of our Twilight City at the Mirador de Santa Rosa; visit the cozy coffee shops or try the delicious pizzas you can find around. Take a walk, sit with your loved ones at the Plaza Bolívar or visit the Divina Pastora. You won’t be able to resist the charms of Santa Rosa!


So, have you decided what you’re gonna do first? Make the most out of your summer break! Get out of the sofa and give some love to our beautiful Barquisimeto.

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