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YoAmoBqto Route: Theme Parks for Never-Ending Fun


Add joy to your vacations! Plan the best day ever at the theme parks of our city.

Wherever we go, the millions of memories we have made in Barquisimeto will always be with us. I remember that my favorite part of summer break used to be going out with my friends and having fun around the city. As Guaros, we all have hundreds of memories in the Twilight City, and what better way to enjoy life than to keep making memories with the people that steal your heart?

Yo Amo Barquisimeto’s Route is guaranteed to give you a day full of laughs, so let the fun begin!



The first stop in our route is at the Centro Comercial Trinitarias and is the always loved Divertilandia! The Carrusel charms the little ones with its lights, sounds, along with its magical carriages and horses; fly to the sky with Las Sillas Voladoras, or get into the funniest car fight at the Carritos Chocones, and you can’t leave without riding the famous Gusanito! Take courage and get into El Barco, and end your day at the great Rueda de la Fortuna. Take the little ones at home and give them the best day ever!


If you’re into the arcades, move to the second floor of Las Trinitarias, right next to the movie theatre you’ll find Maquinitas. Get there with your friends and prepare for hardest and funniest dance battle! Get a flashback and play your favorite songs at Guitar Hero, or challenge someone at the air hockey table. If you’re feeling lucky, try to win a cute stuffed animal at the claw crane, how many tickets do you think you can win?

Theme Parks Barquisimeto

If you’re 8 or 68 years old, the fun is guaranteed in the theme parks of Barquisimeto.


For the West side of the city, you can also feel the fun! One of the oldest parks in our town, and where probably most Guaros have more memories. Kids have come and gone, and it’s time for you to have fun there one more time! Get ready to scream at the Gusanito, fly like a bird at the Sillas Voladoras or the magical Bus and have fun all day. Do you think you’re brave enough to ride the 360? Go and give it a try!

Attraktion City

At the parking of the Centro Comercial Sambil, you’ll find a place where the fun is the priority. Before anything else, you must take a ride at the mechanical bull! Challenge your friends and see who wins at the Dance Central, and feel the adrenaline of the Orbitron. Spoil the little ones with the amazing Jumping Bed, and don’t forget to try the delicious hot dogs. The fun never ends at Attraktion City!

Star Bowling Center

If you’re looking for fun, the Star Bowling Center is the place to go. Let the kids enjoy the bowling at the miniature bowling; and you enjoy the happy hour with your friends, or share a beer with them on the Saturdays of Cosmic Bowling, where the music and lights will give you the best Saturday night ever! Enjoy the amazing pizzas, tequeños, nuggets and more, and see if you can be the champion among your friends.

Boring is not a word for Barquisimeto! Add laughter to your days along with your favorite people and make the most of your summer break. Where shall we begin the days of fun?


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