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YAB Talk: Between Gastronomy and Literature
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YoAmoBqto Route: The Taste of Our Own

Once you listen to the exquisite flavors of Barquisimeto on YAB Talk, we know that you’ll be wondering where to start enjoying our spectacular food. No one can miss the sazón from our people, and it’s not a thing to be ashamed of. Yo Amo Barquisimeto not only wants for you to learn a bit more through Literature and Gastronomy, but we also made you the perfect route to explore within the Barquisimetan cuisine.

La Gloria

Not only they expect you to love every bite of your plate, but also to take a moment and think of how amazing our gastronomy is. His chef, Pedro Escalona, seeks for you to be delighted with his food and fall in love with our roots. This is a place to celebrate who we are and where we come from.


Sucumbás cuisine is based on the typical Venezuelan flavors, with a few international plates that have a Venezuelan touch, such as the onion soup and the tenderloin with mushrooms, both originally from the French cuisine. Every option on the menu is exquisite, from the arepas as an appetizer, to the favorite plate of many customers, the tostada caroreña, and its aguapanela, that’s out of this world.

This lovely Barquisimeto restaurant leaves a mark in everyone because it’s not just about having nice food; it’s about feeling the warm embrace as you walk through the door. This makes Sucumbás an outstanding restaurant.

Solar Bistro

This restaurant enhances Guaro’s natural products, using ingredients such as lamb and goat cheese. They also offer goat milk ice cream, wine from the Bodegas Pomar and artisan beers; its menu is always changing. The chef usually does eight test plates for the menu, where customers must choose the ones they like the most. This way, he ensures that anyone who dares to taste his creations will be delighted.

Barrica Bar

The only speakeasy bar in Venezuela not only wants you to have a 1920’s experience but also to make you enjoy the most exclusive drinks made with regional and national ingredients. After taking a visit to the exquisite restaurants of Barquisimeto, come to Barrica Bar to discover a new way to enjoy our Venezuelan roots. For he Barrica crew, the quality of the service, the product, and the environment are the most important things; there’s a reason why Barrica Bar is placed as one of the best bars in Venezuela.

Our culture is there to be appreciated, and the idea that our gastronomy isn’t good must be changed. From Yo Amo Barquisimeto, you’ll always hear about the greatness of our cuisine, and right now all we can ask you to do is to go and enjoy your favorite Venezuelan dish and feel as proud as if you were eating in a palace.

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