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YoAmoBqto Route: Let’s Have a Beer Together!

If there’s one thing we can all relate to, it’s that there’s always time to sit down with friends, share a round of beers and just joke around while talking to them about anything. Some of the best laughs with my friends probably come from a random night out when we decided to buy a couple of cold ones.

But the power of the beer keeps going: not only it brings you closer to your friends, but it makes you have new ones too! You know you’ve found a good friend after a good talk while sharing a negrita.

And let’s be honest, with Barquisimeto’s sunny days, there’s nothing better than having a curda bien fría, am I right? So, here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, let’s begin the beer route!


Let the party begin at Chilanga! The tex-mex restaurant has not only a whole menu for Mexican food fans, but also it’s one of the best places to sit for a while with your best pals and drink a few beers. The best part is that you don’t need to wait until the weekend to have fun, go enjoy the Chilanga’s Cuates Wednesdays to have a few Zulias, and you definitely can’t miss the Karaoke Party every Friday, because, in the end, you won’t regret singing karaoke after a couple of birras, it’s too much fun!


The speak-easy bar not only offers the most delicious cocktails in Barquisimeto but also some cold beers to enjoy with your friends. Thursday Cervecero, it’s the day you and your friends can enjoy all the coldest beers you want while enjoying the underground vibe of this place. Don’t hesitate to knock on Barrica’s black door and discover the coolness of this bar.

La Gloria

After a long week, we know everybody wants the same thing: relax with their friends with a beer in hand, so let us introduce you to the After Office Friday from La Gloria, you’ll discover the new cocktail menu and, of course, you can’t miss the chance of having a cold one while visiting the restaurant. After all, it is the closest thing to heaven when you have pork and beer.

El Bunker

The temple of rock is a must when we think about beer. Everybody has ended up here for a beer at least once, but how can we not do it when El Bunker always has a negrita vestida de novia? We all love a cold beer, and this bar is the spot to find it. Rock music, tequeños and a round of beers is a plan that could never go wrong at El Bunker.

La República

If you’re looking for beers and rumba, this is the spot; if you’re looking for beers and karaoke, it’s got it too; and if you’re just looking for a cold beer, of course, La República has it for you. The boring days are gone thanks to this bar, so why not have a cold Solera Azul? Or do you prefer a Solera Verde, Black, Merzen? Worry not, you’ll find all the beer that you want.

Pertutti Bar

If you are a pizza and beer fan, this is the place you’ll love. The coldest beers from Cabudare are waiting for you at Pertutti Bar, the spot to go with your friends to enjoy a fun night filled with delicious food and a couple of tobos de cerveza. From Thursday to Saturday, you get to enjoy the best music with the best company: friends, beers, and pizza!

The Twilight City is filled with fun places to drink a few beers and enjoy the night with your best friends, and if you’re brave enough, then you can also have fun singing your favorite songs at a karaoke right after a couple of cold ones. There are no excuses! And since you’ll be drinking, let us take care of the ride with our friends from Co-Autos.

We agree that the beer nights are the best nights, so what are you waiting for to start this route?


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