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YoAmoBqto Route: Finding Tequeños

YoAmoBqto Route

This is the road to heaven! What are you waiting for to try the best tequeños of Barquisimeto?

As Venezuelans, we have a golden rule: if there are no tequeños, there is no party; as Guaros, we are lucky to have this deliciousness just around the corner, but where exactly? Yo Amo Barquisimeto is here to make your days better (yes, that means to make them all about tequeños), so if what you are looking is happiness on a small plate, do not doubt for a second to follow this amazing route. Bring on the tequeños!


Tequeños made with a delicious French dough, live music, and cold beers; this is the perfect plan for a weekend night out, or just to treat yourself on a weekday: relax at TequeFrench. Bring your friends, hang out and let the love for tequeños bring you all together. Do not forget to try all the amazing flavors that TequeFrench has; it would be a crime not to!

El Bunker

For all rock and tequeños lovers, this is a must. If you are a Guaro and you have not tried the famous tequeños from El Bunker, what have you been doing? Take a night out to have the full Bunker experience: Your favorite beer cold as ice, a platter filled with huge tequeños, and old-school rock playing in the background. After you try these tequeños, you can check it off of your personal Guaro bucket list!

Tequeños Barquisimeto

We know you wanted more after TequeFrench, and now your dream has come true. Enjoy this route!


Since the craving for tequeños does not have a time or place, we have the solution if you are near the Sambil: Mulato. You will find the classic tequeños we all love, and if you feel like having a couple of cocktails with them, this is the spot for it! When the night is young, beers, mojitos, and tequeños await.

Pertutti Bar

We can’t forget about Cabudare and the amazing tequeños we can find there. If you have been to Pertutti Bar and not tried the tequeños, we suggest you go back as soon as possible because you are missing put on something amazing! There is nothing better than having a night out with friends, tequeños, pizza, and cold beers.

Que Hamburguesas

In case your tummy asks for tequeños while you are comfortably watching a movie on your couch, worry not! Just call Que Hamburguesas, and they will bring happiness over to you. The melted cheese of the Tequeños QH makes them addictive, so one warning: you are going to want more! Just go ahead and ask for the whole platter of tequeños, your body will thank you for it.


Now, you have no excuse to not enjoy a good plate of tequeños! Don’t wait another minute and make plans with your friends to have the best weekend ever.


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