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YoAmoBQTO Route: Best Burger in Barquisimeto

Barquisimeto resturants to eat hamburgers

Want to try the best burgers in town? Follow this route!

On today’s route, YoAmoBQTO.com brings you some places that stand out for their originality when preparing one of the dishes that people like best, even Guaros, the burgers. Barquisimeto is a very varied city and full of creativity, that’s why the Hamburguesería 143, Big Burger, Matheus House and Monchi Express have been so successful with their exquisite proposals.

Make the most of your weekend and enjoy this tour!

Hamburguesería 143

We will start this gastronomic route in the Llanero Mall, in the Nueva Segovia neighborhood, next to the Lara Avenue. With the motto “You won’t be able to create the love of your life, but you will be able to create your burger,” this branch of the Hamburguesería 143 opens the doors for you and offers you the opportunity to prepare your burger the way you want. They offer a wide variety of fresh ingredients that you can add to your burger, which can come with meats of different styles. One of the most eye-catching is the lamb burger; however, all proposals, such as beef and breaded chicken are good.

Whether you choose to eat the burger with its homemade bread and three mixed types of meats or order its tasty tequeños, the Hambuguesería 143 never lets you down.

Big Burger

Very close to the Llanero, on the same Lara Avenue, there is a place called Terraza Parking Grill, a gastronomic space that includes a great restaurant with great burgers and pepitos: Big Burger. This place stands out for its opening hours, in which you are even received at dawn, and for its classic and gourmet pepitos. However, hamburgers are also the house’s specialty, which is reflected in one of Barquisimeto’s biggest burgers, the Big Burger Double: double meat, double cheese, double flavor. You can also find in this hamburger house large Mexican salads and good tequeños!

This second stop will definitely leave you quite satisfied.

Matheus House

Hoping you’ll still have room to try one of Barquisimeto’s most original hamburgers, YoAmoBQTO also takes you down the Lara Avenue where you’ll reach Los Leones Mall, here you’ll find a small space full of flavor: Matheus House. Its original proposal has fascinated diners who always come back to eat the famous Waffle Burger, yes, as you read, a hamburger with waffles. The idea came from the States and its love for waffles. One of the owners saw in this particular ingredient an opportunity to do something creative and added it to his menu. A great creative mind, don’t you think?

If you arrive at this restaurant, don’t forget to try other incredible creations, such as their drinks, salads, and pastelitos!

Monchi Express

To visit the last place of this route, you must reach the 20th Avenue and from there continue until you reach the Carrera 21 with Calle 11. In this corner, you’ll find a place whose name refers to a particular state, in which the customer has an exacerbated hunger, exactly what you must feel to come and eat in this place. At Monchi Express, every customer will have the opportunity to try a great variety of hamburgers, such as the Tibi Burger: filled with avocado, egg, jalapeños, tomato, 200g of meat, cheese, Italian sauce, and lettuce. And another one like the Mixta Crispy: filled with 200g of meat, 200g of breaded chicken, bacon, tomato, onion rings and tartar sauce.

If you think you can handle this and many other flavors do not hesitate and come to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, with good food and good music.

And this is the end of today’s tour! We hope you have enjoyed all the flavors, smells and pleasant atmospheres. Don’t forget that to keep knowing everything this city has to offer; you can follow YoAmoBQTO.com through its social networks, and comment your own experiences eating the best burgers of Barquisimeto.

Where to eat hamburgers in Barquisimeto? Here!

In these places, you will find unique burgers with an incredible taste.


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