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Yo Amo Barquisimeto Goes to Festival Nuevas Bandas

Circuito Nuevas Bandas

The Musical City welcomes the Circuito Nuevas Bandas on August 3rd.

The Musical City welcomes one more time the sounds of rock from all over the country. The Festival Nuevas Bandas is the oldest event of its kind in Latin America, being held annually since 1991, and it’s been a showcase for our favorite Venezuelan bands, such as Viniloversus, La Vida Boheme, Los Mesoneros, Los Amigos Invisibles, Rawayana, Caramelos De Cianuro, Okills, and the long list keeps going.

The 2018 Circuito Nuevas Bandas tour began on June 16th at the Centro Cultural Chacao, in Caracas, their next stops were Maracay, Puerto La Cruz and Mérida, and will keep the rock alive in our Twilight City on August 3rd, to then end the tour at Maracaibo on August 10th. With the tour over, the Fundación Nuevas Bandas will reveal all the details for the 2018 Nuevas Bandas Festival, which will be held in the in-coming months.


Rock On, Barquisimeto!

Pertutti Bar, Festival Nuevas Bandas

Pertutti Bar is the place to go: a Friday full of pizzas, good music, and a couple of beers with your best friends.

The Circuito Nuevas Bandas Occidente will light up our city next Friday night at Pertutti Bar, the doors will open at 5:00 p.m., so you can come and chill for a while, sit on a table, ask for a round of cold beers with your friends and wait until showtime. From the Circuito Occidente have come out amazing bands such as La Abuela Disco on 2012, and of course, we’re proud to have Niño Nuclear as the winners on the 2014 edition.

Now, it’s time to make some noise for our new amazing talents.







The Performers of the Night

From the soft and delicate sounds of Aida Rojas to the loud and metal vibe of MortOurium; the beautiful voice of Andrea Paradas, and the energy and rock rhythm of Drosera Capensis, the Circuito Occidente promises an unforgettable night for all the fans of good music.


Andrea Paradas

Andrea has managed to create her own indie-folk concept for her music. The lyrics and her voice make a perfect match, and from her ballads to her rock songs, will make you want to keep listening over and over again.


Drosera Capenis

For the fans of the sounds of the classic rock, Drosera Capenis is a must. Right from our Twilight City, its psychedelic sounds are something you can’t miss listening live.


Aida Rojas

The sweet compositions of Aida, with her soft voice and tender vibe, are the charms that will catch you right away. Roja’s talent is beyond great, so come yo check it out for yourself.



The Power Metal and Death Metal mix together in this band. For the fans of hard rock, this is the band they should keep an eye on; we’re ready to feel the adrenaline of Viking Metal.


We’re ready for one of the best nights in music. Don’t think twice and meet us at Pertutti Bar for a Friday night filled with some of the greatest talents from our country, with the special performances of Niño Nuclear and Limpiacabezales. It’s time to rock and, Yo Amo Barquisimeto is in!


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