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Yayo’s Caffé: A Must-Go with Your Friends

There’s something about food that tastes better when you share it with the ones you love. Take a moment to think about it: having a cup of warm coffee in the afternoon by yourself is nice, but having a cup of coffee with your best friend, your mom, or anyone you care about, feels different, they make everything warmer and sweeter.


That’s just one of the many great powers of food, it makes people get together and enjoy the same thing at the same time; that’s why restaurants are places where you’ll find happy people, you surely can’t be mad when you have nice company and a nice meal. This is somehow the way Yayo’s Café begins; Rebeca, the owner of the café, wanted to honor her father, Eduardo, by naming the place after his nickname: Yayo. Rebeca’s dad was a coffee lover, and Yayo’s Café makes sure to give everyone a coffee as good as Yayo would have had.


The café is all about love and dedication. As a first timer in the gastronomy business, Rebeca’s biggest wish is to make a place where people can stop for a while and enjoy life; for coffee lovers like her father, they offer exquisite coffees for all preferences. If you’re feeling adventurous, have a Café Boom, a mix of coffee and beer; for a sweet tooth craving, there’s the café yayo’s, with galleta maría, condensed milk, and espresso; and of course, for classic flavors, you’ll find the always delicious traditional coffees.


The New Plan for the Evenings

With a delicious menu and all the beers you want, Yayo’s is the place to go when you’re feeling to spend a good time with your friends, just chilling with good music while having some amazing tequeños. The name of Musical City is sure highlighted at the café, with its Live Music Fridays; and if you’re looking to have a laugh, then don’t miss the stand-up comedy performances! Boring is not a word for Yayo’s Café.


If a night out is what you’re looking for, you have it. Ask for a round of beers and a Mixto Yayo’s to start your night in the right way, the mixto offers the best tapas from Yayo’s, and it is simply impelable. For round two, the empanadas are the way to go -who doesn’t love empanadas?- and right before you finish, don’t hesitate to order the king of the house: the Hamburguesas Especiales Yayo’s: burgers stuffed with chistorra and melted cheese, and yes, even I’m dying for some right now.


Fun can be found in every corner, and Yayo’s Café is proof of that! This is a place where you’re sure to have a great time; the delightful menu will have you drooling as soon as you get in, and the live talent performances will brighten up your night. Food and fun is the best combination, so don’t think twice and make Yayo’s Café the next spot on your list.


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