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YAB Talk: Between Gastronomy and Literature

The curious thing about the traditions of Barquisimeto is the way that the Guaro himself runs from them. They don’t feel proud of the particularities that make them who they are. From our gastronomic culture to the written texts about the Twilights City, they all remain hidden in the same places they’ve always been. Thus, the Guaro ends up in an unnecessary fight that means the in the loss of our own culture. However, it’s never too late to save it.

Within the combination of the flavors of Pedro Escalona and the poetry of Freddy Castillo, YAB Talk found the best duo to guide us in the journey of Gastronomic Literature. Perhaps, this will be the start of the acceptance to the Guaro culture. Perhaps, it’s just a small step between the many others that we have to take, but at least we have made the first one. Perhaps, after listening to Pedro and Freddy, that shame that lies in the Larenses fades away completely.

We invite you to sit down, press play and let yourself fall in love once and for all with Barquisimeto’s flavors. Welcome to the first part of accepting and respecting what the city has given us, what El Tocuyo, Bobare, Siquisique or Sanare has given us; even the unique bread of Aguada Grande and the finest cocktails of Barquisimeto, they all have given us something to carry on in our hearts and minds. Thus there’s nothing wrong with loving your identity and your city, and at YAB Talk we come to confirm it.


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