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YAB Route: The Right Way to Start Your Week

Barquisimeto activities

Say goodbye to boring Mondays! There's fun in Barquisimeto when you look for it.

It is easy to think there is nothing to do in your city, you get used to seeing the same things every day and do not notice the fun that is right under your nose, but today is your lucky day, Yo Amo Barquisimeto is here to remind you of the enjoyment you are overlooking. The best part is that you do not have to wait until the weekend comes, this list is specially made to cure a typical case of the Mondays. After what we have planned, you will feel better.


First Stop: Susys Cookies

There is nothing better to make your heart and tummy happy than a little bag of freshly baked cookies. The delicious Susys Cookies can be found at the Sambil de Barquisimeto and the Metropolis; we assure you, they will sweeten your day and your whole week with their warm chocolate chip cookies, their choco-duos, and all the other marvelous flavors they have to offer.

Let’s be honest: it can’t be a bad day after you get the first bite of a cookie brownie, am I right?


Second Stop: Movies!

Barquisimeto movie theatre

Cookies + a movie + good dinner = happiness!

After indulging your sweet tooth cravings, keep your day fun with a movie! Quick tip: you get 50% off on your movie tickets every Monday, so there is no excuse! Have a seat at the movie theatre and enjoy a nice film. For the east side, you can have your movie break at Cines Unidos, located at the Sambil de Barquisimeto or Centro Comercial Las Trinitarias. On the west side, get to Metropolis and buy your tickets at Cinex, or go to Babilon and enjoy Box Cinemas.

So, now you have had cookies and a movie, we told you this day was going to be awesome. Get ready to close your day in the best way.




Third Stop: Food Fair at Ciudad Ferial

Twilight envelopes our city, and soon after, the stars are shining brightly in the nighttime, so how can you end your day in the best possible way? Easy: hot dogs, burgers, pepitos, and more. Let’s go back to the basics and pick the best of this food fair. Come to sit with your friends and enjoy! There is nothing wrong with having junk food accompanied with a cold soda from time to time. Get to the parking of the Complejo Ferial and have a laugh with your friends, get some delicious dinner, chill for a while, and then call it a day until next week.

What are you waiting for to call your friends? We make the plan, CoAutos joins us on the road, and you bring the people. Enjoy!


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