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YAB memories: Parque del Este

Park Barquisimeto

Parque del Este is still one of the favorite green spaces of the Guaros to disconnect from everyday life.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” That’s a quote from one of my favorite movies, and from time to time I watch it, to remind me the importance of my surroundings, my friends, and the memories I’m constantly making. We all need to breathe from our fast-forward lives; to do more than just look over the window. Luckily, on the East side of our city, we got our own green lung; one where we can go to breathe, to create memories, or to remember the ones that we’ve already done there.


In the more than 20 hectares of the Parque del Este, are some of my best memories, and I’m sure that every Guaro has at least a couple of great stories there. I can still see myself having a picnic with my family when I was a kid; laying on the grass with my pink baby blanket, and just looking at the clouds and their shapes. I see my sister and I rolling through the small hills of the park, laughing and running to the top to do it all over again. Now it’s not me rolling through the hills, but my little cousins, who are filled with joy and excitement every time they do.


Tourism Barquisimeto

From runners to little kids, the park becomes a meeting point for the happy Guaros who enjoy the surroundings.

The Park has witnessed the change of our city and the Guaros for over 20 years. We’ve grown up seeing its green, its beautiful flowers, and the singing birds. We have all gone to play as children, to a birthday party, to a summer camp or just because we needed a break.  It’s simply the escape we so badly need from the city.


Right after sunrise, you can feel the joy of the people who come to the park to start their day in the right way: to connect with themselves and with nature or to take a breath before hitting the reality of everyday life. For a few minutes, there you can forget all the bad things that are happening, and just take a walk or run around the park, ride your bike with your friends, do yoga and many more activities to make your life a little bit better.


If we let it, Barquisimeto may surprise us with the power it has to make everything not look so bad. We the Guaros will always have the colors in its sky to fall in love, and we will always have the Parque del Este at the first hour of the morning waiting to be visited, cared for and loved. Sometimes we don’t have to go so far to disconnect from our problems, we just have to get to the Parque del Este and breathe, as you did when you were little.


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