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YAB Invites You to Our 1st Visual Arts Exhibition

Anniversary of Barquisimeto

It's time to celebrate the anniversary of Barquisimeto! As a gift, YAB has planned a whole day filled with art and culture of local talents.

Right from the beginning, the entire team at Yo Amo Barquisimeto has been aware of the talent and potential of our Twilight City. The artists born here are one of a kind; inspired by the colors of the beautiful sunsets, the movement of the guaros walking up and down the avenues and even the movement of the city itself, and how could we forget the marvelous music that comes out of the Conservatorio de Barquisimeto?

The right word to describe Barquisimeto and its people is “magical,” nothing less than that, and therefore, we’re ready to honor this city on its 466th anniversary with something extraordinary: the 1st Visual Arts Exhibition Yo Amo Barquisimeto and we want you to join us!

On the afternoon of September 14th, get ready to celebrate Barquisimeto and its culture along YAB Team for the opening of the 1st Visual Arts Exhibition at Materia PAC. The best part is that you can be one of the talented artists that will show their artwork that day! Just show us your work by intervening an image of the city of Barquisimeto in the olden days as an interpretation, click here to know more about the bases for the exhibition, registration, and awards. Don’t miss the chance of participating in this new cultural event!


Visual Arts Barquisimeto

A day to honor the great artists of the Twilight City.

Since this day is all about the love we have for Barquisimeto, we will also have a gathering where we can celebrate the great culture from the Twilight City. The wishes we have for it, the dreams we have had about our hometown, the ones we have managed to make and the ones that we’ll make real in the future. Meet the Guaros who have the same hopes that you have, and get together to make them come true.

For the Yo Amo Barquisimeto team, this day will be a special one. The arts and culture that we love so much will be in the space it deserves, we’ll get to discover the amazingness of our city in a whole new way; right next to the Guaros that still believe in Barquisimeto, its talent, and greatness.


Book the date: September 14th at 3:00pm, YAB team will be waiting for you at Materia PAC. Join the exhibition, join us for the whole day!


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