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Words from Sanare: “A mi Bello Sanare” by José Anselmo Castillo

Chronicles of Sanare

Anselmo has dedicated his life to be a chronicler of Sanare, but today he tells us the beauty of the Garden of Lara from another perspective.

Discovering Sanare through Yo Amo Barquisimeto can be wonderful, but sometimes, seeing it with the eyes of the people there is incredible.


In words of Don José Anselmo, “A mi bello Sanare”:


Vertical willows moved by the breezes,

polychrome ceilings adorn the landscapes,

terroir of conquerors monalisas,

is Sanare of beautiful and varied countrysides.


The wind that dances in its surroundings wraps you up as a welcoming hug. Between the warmth of the people, the little homes with bright colors, the sounds from the mountains, arriving at Sanare is an experience to hold on forever.


A sweet home I can never forget

fond memories to my being numb,

and the heart full of gratitude and boldness

the excesses that hinder me are erased.


For the people who live there, seeing and discovering Sanare is an eternal love; they see it with the most tender eyes: it is their land, the one that has seen them born and grow.


Your lonely streets, abandoned, and crooked,

cozy solitude you give to the pleasant visitor,

to whom the mind endures tenderly

the frank help and freshness reigning.


For those who find beauty in the smallest things of life, the journey can be filled with Lara’s unique magic and joys. The one who paints itself with colors every December 28th.


At one thousand three hundred and fifty you rise imposing,

green hills and cold mountains surround you,

you inspire the tourist to believe in the Almighty

when they contemplate the birds that always prowl.


Maybe the magic word to describe Sanare is “captivating.” It’s not just a mountain or a small town, it’s a mixture of people and incredible traditions that make you feel at the coziest place in the world.


The cold fog wraps you up in the morning

happy and content we enjoy a mild climate,

with kind people whose happy smile emanates

praising the Creator with a view to the summit.


A place to discover the simplicity of life. To be happy among coffee, songs, and poems. The cold of which I am not used to does not matter when I know the spectacle that comes at sunset, or when I think of the stars and their wonderful brightness. Skies of a blue that I want to see every day of my life, and greens that the world would envy.


José Anselmo Castillo cronista

Discovering Sanare from its insides and wanting to leave a record of such, has driven the desire to express in verses the beauty of the Garden of Lara.


The heart of the brave serene peasant vibrates

waiting hopefully for coffee from his farm,

and in hard work he waits for a pleasant time

and the happy day of longed-for rest.



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