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Be Your Own Wonder Woman: María Jesús Arce Reyes

Lo Mejor de la Gente

María Jesús seeks to share the positive news happening around the world.

“A dream is a wish your heart makes,” that’s how one of my favorite Disney songs begins. Maybe we don’t know exactly when we started to dream, but even if you’re five or 55 years old, your imagination runs your goals and dreams as if they were a movie, and all you can do about it is have the courage and work hard to make them real. This is what María Jesús Arce Reyes started to do eleven years ago, with her radio program Lo Mejor de la Gente.

Born in Chile but Venezuelan at heart, María Jesús never thought she would end up as a radio host, but she learned that all her years as a university student took her in the right path, starting her training in journalism. However, she didn’t want to be just another journalist, she wanted to be someone who inspired others by showing the wonders that happen in the Twilight City, Venezuela, and the world. After a life-changing call from Fama 98.1, Lo Mejor de la Gente was born, a space dedicated to the positive side of journalism.


“There’s a lot to give and do.”

  • María Jesús Arce Reyes


Although at first people didn’t believe in her project, for María there was no other choice but to do it, and so she became her own super-hero. “Being naive is not a virtue,” people told her, but María Jesús, also known as Wonder Woman, didn’t give up. And with her goodwill, happiness, and positivity, she has succeeded and remained at Lo Mejor de la Gente as a radio host for eleven years, and in the media industry for 20 years.

Lo Mejor de la Gente

You can listen to María Jesús on Lo Mejor de la Gente every Saturday from 2:20pm to 4:00pm.


After achieving being a Wonder-Woman, one night, María Jesús woke up with the name Maravillosamente Virtuosa (Wonderfully Virtuous) on her mind. A bit confused but excited, she began searching the meaning for it in her life, until one day, a little ad appeared on the internet that said “How to write a book,” and after three hours, she had made the model of her book, Maravillosamente Virtuosa.

What began as a personal challenge, ended up published as her first book. The inspiration came thanks to the advice her friends asked her for, and the experiences she had during the writing process, such as starting it single and ending it married, gave life to her new dream: Maravillosamente Virtuosa. But being a wonderfully virtuous woman didn’t mean giving up Lo Mejor de la Gente, or to stop being Wonder Woman. She is both today, and her goal is to help every woman to achieve the same and let everybody know they can pursue their dreams.

The truth is, everybody wants to hear good news, and that’s why Lo Mejor de la Gente has managed to reach out to the young and not-so-young ones. It’s a space that spreads a little ray of hope, and now we are in the times when we need to let out the best we have in us, just like María Jesús teach us every week on her radio show.



From Yo Amo Barquisimeto, we agree with María Jesús when she says that there’s more. “There’s more than you see, there’s a world to explore and a lot to live in, but it’s only for the brave ones.”

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