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Weekend Getaway in the Garden of Lara: Posadas in Sanare

Posadas en Sanare

Discover the posadas of Sanare and fall in love with the charms of our state.

The fast movement of the city can be overwhelming, and from time to time we all fantasize about dropping everything and going somewhere far away and beautiful to rest and not think about anything at all. That paradise can be found right in our state, Sanare is only a few kilometers away from the Twilight City, and it’s the greatest option to spend a weekend surrounded by nature, enjoying the chilly weather with a cup of hot chocolate in hand.

Yo Amo Barquisimeto has made a list of the incredible Posadas you can find in Sanare, so stay with us to plan your next destination!


Posada El Encanto

As the name itself says, you’ll right fall into the charms of this Posada, just as if you were in a wonderful fairy tale discovering the magical village that was always hidden. You will feel peace as soon as you get in. This place is well-known for its excellent and homely attention. If you’re looking for a quiet place to sit and breathe for a while, this is it.

Spend the day at the spa, get a message and forget about the world or get adventurer and practice hiking or biking in the Garden of Lara, and later try some delicious coffee and homemade bread. You’ll have infinite of amazing possibilities to have fun and relax in this magical Posada.


Posada La Nena y Kaká

Imagine waking up in the morning with a panoramic mountain view, wearing cozy weather and nothing more to do but enjoy your day; this can happen exactly in Posada La Nena y Kaká. Surrounded by flowers, dozens of plants and with old and beautiful architecture, this Posada is the place to relax with your loved ones or by yourself with a good book.

The spa, the works of art in the rooms, the sculptures, and the people you’ll meet there will make you doubt of even come back to the realities of the city, but don’t worry and just embrace the feeling you can only get by visiting Sanare and its wonderful places.

Posadas en Sanare

Get a little break from the city and enjoy the beauty of Sanare’s posadas.

El Rincón de las Golondrinas

For all coffee lovers, this is the must-go spot. The Posada is an Afro-Touristic coffee farm, and the doors are open for all interested in the exquisite taste and aroma of their coffee. The mountains, the trees, the lovely singing birds and the refreshing waterfall will make you feel as if you were living a dream.

Inside the beautiful cabins you’ll get your well-deserved rest, and along your loved ones you’ll enjoy a delicious homemade meal. El Rincón de las Golondrinas is expecting you!


Altos de Veracruz

Between clouds and mountains, you’ll find yourself entering the magic of Altos de Veracruz; the ambiance is all about resting and enjoying the little and pretty details of this place. The Yagrumo restaurant will make you drool with its delightful Venezuelan food plates, accompanied by fine wines or craft beers.

Play minigolf with your family, take a hot cup of tea, read a book at the cozy lobby and at the end of the day fall in love with the amazing sunset view Altos de Veracruz has to offer.

Let yourself fall into the charms of the Garden of Lara, plan the best weekend ever and make memories you’ll never forget!


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