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We speak Guaro – Part 2

Guaros like to use their own interesting phrases and words, which are very unique.

Guaros have a particularly unique heritage. This has created a perfect simmering pot of creativity that generated some incredible things, among them, the language. This land has an especially creative population, which incorporates cultures from around the world into their own way of expressing and, also, transforms words into their own unique phrasing. This makes it especially impressive when you think about all the words that this city has acquired during over 400 years of existence. For that reason, we bring you some of them today!

Ajilado: This expression comes from India, which means that you haven’t eaten anything in the day. This phrase is commonly used when you are outside your home after 11 p.m. without having the joy of eating anything.

*Reference: Ramón Riera Paredes.

Azorar: This word is used as a “Do hurry!” expression. It’s about getting your things in a jam and trying to make others hurry too.

Adíu: Guaros love to shorten words. They make sure to keep the important part of “Ay Dios” in its shortened version  making it sound like they are saying it hastily.

Barquisimeto: The name of the city itself is an incorporation of the native word “Variquisimeto” into their normal phrasing. The original word has a direct relationship with the Turbio river. *Reference: Ramón Riera Paredes.

Cambote: A big group of people is the exact meaning for this word. As you know, Guaros love to have their own unique expression of random cliques.

Cocuy: Drink made by the aboriginals. Guaros have brought it to this land and made it one of the exquisite elements of its gastronomy over the years, taking advantage of its medicinal properties and alcoholic nature to show it in celebrations and visits.

Convidar: If you are going to invite your friends to something then this is the word you must use. Sometimes, it denotes a jovial and friendly expression.

Echón: When someone is specially vain or vacuous, then this word perfectly describes this person. It’s used as a bantering term and it has, often, negative connotations.  

Guarolandia: This word refers to the land of Guaros and, moreover, it’s an affectionate expression towards Barquisimeto. This is a term used to refer not only to the capital native, but the other members of the state.

Sie cará: This expression means disbelief. Also, “I don’t buy this” is heard in the minds of those that use these words. They are used quickly and, often, it’s accompanied by a physical gesture, a sort of lean back of the upper body and a “Tsk” before the words are told.

Do you know more words from this land? Here, at YoAmoBQTO.com, we want to know more about them. We’re sure that with your help we’ll be able to show the world those typical words and expressions of the Guaro culture. Check our social media profiles or share with us, in the comments section, some of those terms you know!



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