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Waffle Experts: Matheus House

Interesting idea, excellent food!

Nowadays, to stand out in the labor market, you must have creative and exciting ideas that leave the standard pattern. In the culinary world, that is always the challenge. Looking for something that differentiates your regular food establishment from others is a difficult task, even more in a city like Barquisimeto.

In the City of Twilights, the love for good restaurants has increased, and all Guaros look for new places to eat. To all lovers of creative dishes, YoAmoBQTO.com suggests you Matheus House, a restaurant you will not be able to overlook.

About Matheus

Matheus House is a restaurant that is currently setting a trend in a shopping center marked by its years of existence: the Río Lama Mall, a building with a lot of history and a lot to offer. Matheus is a new and fresh proposal, which seeks the client’s comfort without annoying noises, and without the inconvenience of eating directly on the street.

Fabián Matheus and Gabriel Salas, creators of the idea, wanted to offer since January a place that would impact people. They did not want it to be just a nice place to eat, but a different experience full of creativity. All this with the goal of marveling the diners.

Being a restaurant served by its owners, the experience becomes more enjoyable and personal. The attention becomes personalized thanks to the fact that you can quickly identify the person who serves you every time you go. Likewise, workers also establish a relationship with their clients: because of their faithfulness, the workers can identify who the client is and know exactly what he might want to eat.

Outstanding dishes

Photo by Luis Perez

This unique restaurant has a varied and original menu. Among its incredible dishes is the famous Waffle Burger, a burger filled with flavor and surrounded by waffles. The idea of this hamburger comes from a trip made by Fabián to the States. He and his family stayed in a hotel where they served waffles every day. Everyone was fascinated with this meal, so they decided to buy a waffle maker. From that particular experience, the idea of including this interesting ingredient in the menu emerged and is now the emblem of this restaurant.

Another typical dish of Matheus House is its pastelitos. Many people have been amazed by their taste and frequently return to have their breakfast in the restaurant, whose doors are always open from 8 in the morning.


Currently, it is not easy to have a business in Venezuela, prices are always increasing, and it is difficult to get used to that fact when you have a company, as the main idea is to please the diners with good food and reasonable prices.

Despite the circumstances, the public remains very receptive. They love Matheus’ food, and the atmosphere makes them feel elsewhere. For a while, people forget every problem and enjoy a great meal in a different space.

Their social networks and mentions reflect part of their success. The comments always praise their food and beg for an even wider attention schedule.

Future plans

In the very near future, Fabian and Gabriel are planning to open another restaurant. For now, they are analyzing secure areas where people could feel comfortable and safe. The idea is to have the same style, same colors, and same pattern as the original Matheus. They want to create a brand identified by its creativity in design, location, and food.

Without a doubt, Matheus House is a different and creative proposal that is full of flavor and variety. Its owners show that no matter the profession, passion for food and good ideas is what you need to get a business going.

If you are in Barquisimeto or are planning a trip to the city, YoAmoBQTO.com recommends you to stop by the doors of Matheus House and try their dishes full of flavor and waffles!

Want to try something different and exotic? Come and visit Matheus House!


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