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Visor: Where Photography Belongs to the Fine Arts

VISOR es un espacio expositivo de @vgagaleria en alianza con @incuvisual dedicado a promover la fotografía como parte de las manifestaciones artísticas de Venezuela.

What is a Visor (viewfinder)? It is a prism or optical system that some handheld cameras carry and serves to focus quickly. For the Galería de Artes Villalón it goes much further because it took this concept and humanized it: it is the encounter of photography as something that surpasses the technical fact of taking photos; it is a fact of showing it as what it really is, a form of art.

In partnership with @incuvisual, this emerging talent incubator believes in the artist’s development, based on study and constant improvement, and most importantly: within a structure that allows it to be self-sustainable.

The first to appear in the Visor (viewfinder) was Juan Marroquín with his work Bosquejos (sketches) which, as its name suggests, is a scheme of decontextualization of the city, where juxtapositions are the main characters. Made of 140 pieces, it is a work that you cannot ignore.

This space is perfectly combined with the gallery, because the Visor, more than just a photographic exhibition area, is a showcase of the artists’ truths that bring them closer to their work and allow it to speak for them. It also emphasizes the fact that simplicity is the basis of modesty, and that even this can be considered art, with unique criteria, concepts, and perspectives that are as varied as artists present them.

If you are a photographer and have a work you want to show in an artistic environment, contact @vgagaleria to show them your art pieces, because in Barquisimeto the spaces to exhibit your talent creatively and differently do exist.

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