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Visit the “Club Ítalo Venezolano” of Barquisimeto.

One of the best things about Barquisimeto is its incredible potential to make you feel delighted by its beauty. This city has a positive vibe that is contagious and makes you feel happy, and which, in turn, makes people feel very comfortable and connected to the others around them. Every day, friendships flourish in this place, which is because of Guaros, who are naturally friendly, so visitors feel welcome to this city. One of the areas of the City of Twilight, where all these characteristics are summed up, is the “Club Ítalo Venezolano” of Barquisimeto.

As many other locations in the City of Twilights, this club was founded by Italian families, who wanted a place to be inherently Italian, where they could share the experience of being in a foreign country along with the traditions of the motherland. With this in mind, the Italian community decided to be ambitious and use their interest in the culture to create a space filled with hope and trust in the growth of the heritage in a whole new way. With beautiful facilities made to fit the needs of the audience they were trying to catch, this club quickly became one of the most important locations for the Guaros in Lara. Since 1962, this club has sprouted and became quickly part of the culture of the country. This place has an air of unique calm, as it’s located away from any other place in the city, which is perfect for spending a quality time with friends and family. With swimming pools, restaurants and bars, this club is one of the best places to spend a beautiful day, and the best thing is that there you can organize events and activities that you will surely remember forever. If you are going to visit it, be prepared, because you will undoubtedly find yourself caught between the beauty of the nature of this club, which promises you, as well as having fun, cultural enrichment with every step you take.

Here, at YoAmoBQTO.com, we want you to know the different aspects of the cultural heritage of the City of Twilights. For the “Club Ítalo Venezolano” of Barquisimeto, creating events that mix Italian culture and the rich culture of this city make this club an enjoyable place to visit.

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