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Vacation Plan Fundacespro

Kids who develop a psychological balance are kids that will grow up happily. This is why it is fundamental that they receive the necessary attention so that they will grow up in a safe environment for their successful development, in the social and emotional aspects.

For that reason, the “Fundación para la Capacitación de Estudios Sociales y Profesionales (Fundacespro) will begin their vacation plan, scheduled from August 14 to August 19, from 8 am to 12 m.

Kids between 4 to 10 years old will have the opportunity to learn psychological development techniques, create discipline structures, develop emotional intelligence through workshops, along with motivational and self-esteem boosting through recreative games.

All of this help the kids face the challenges that come with scholarly activities. While also teaching them how to overcome challenges and control their emotions. All of these activities are done through the assistance of psychologists and animators, in an individual assessment of the challenges for each kid.

For more information about this vacation plan, contact Fundascespro through the following number: 0412-5253635. In this activity, the kids will not only have fun but also learn how to manage and express their opinions.

About Fundacespro

This foundation, integrated by psychologists in all areas of knowledge, focuses on organizing workshops, conversational events and activities for the psychological orientation in all social environments (school, work, economics, politics, among other). All of this to help all people to develop the emotional aspects of their lives assertively.

Among these workshops, they have Defense of Civilian Judgment, Industrial and Health Security, Emotional Intelligence, Meetings with Laugh Therapy, among others.

Do you want to know more? You can follow them on their Facebook and Instagram account as @Fundacespro. That way you’ll be updated with all the content that this group of psychologists has in mind for the improvement of society, one person at the time!

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