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Useful Information

Latitude: 09°24’N, 10°46’N

Longitude:68°54’O, 70°53’O

Region: Western Centra

Demonym: Larense

The surface of the State of Lara is 19800 Km2, this makes it around 2,2% of the national territory. It’s composed of the capital and main territory, Barquisimeto, and adjacent cities, such as Carora, Cabudare, El Tocuyo, Quibor, Duaca and Cubiro. Its limits are Falcon in the northern direction, south with Trujillo and Portuguesa, east with Yaracuy and Portuguesa, and west with Zulia.

The capital of this state, Barquisimeto, belongs to the municipality of Iribarren, and limits with the Urdaneta municipality on the north, the Portuguesa state, Yaracuy by the east and Torres and Jimenez municipality on the west.

The weather is fresh, with temperatures that fluctuate between 25° and 27°. Barquisimeto is located in a semiarid land, with yearly precipitation of 600 mm and evaporation of 1600 to 1800mm per year. The rainfall period is comprehended normally in the months between April and November, and the temperature for the mountain and plains are 24° and 27° respectively. In the Moroturo Valley, the rainfall period starts in March and extends to June, with a pluvial annual estimate between 1000 and 1100mm.

The State belongs mainly to the Corian System, and a portion belongs to the Andes Mountains. This particular area is located in the plains that join Carora and Barquisimeto. The vegetal life is fairly limited, and it consists mostly of xerophile plants with endogen species such as cujies, while on the mountains you can find the normal vegetal life of the tropic forests.


The legal time zone is UTC-4, which can be consulted through house phones in the national territory by dialing 119


Requirements for Foreigners:

List of countries and governments listed with the Benefit of Suppression of Visa for Non-Migrants (Tourists) with Ordinary Passports, according to the resolution N° 115, published on the Official Gazette N°38.653 on March 27th, 2007. Updated on July 27th, 2016, according to official communication 014/2016 from the office of Consular Relationships of the Chancellor.

Countries with permission to enter without visa

Countries and GovernmentsTime of stay
ANDORRAUp to 90 days.
Up to 90 days.
Up to 90 days.
Up to 90 days.
AUSTRIAUp to 90 days.
BARBADOSUp to 90 days.
BELARUSUp to 90 days.
BELGIUMUp to 90 days.
BELIZEUp to 90 days.
BRAZILUp to 90 days.
BULGARIAUp to 90 days.
CANADAUp to 90 days.
CHILEUp to 90 days.
Up to 90 days.
Up to 90 days.
CYPRUSUp to 90 days.
CZECH REPUBLICUp to 90 days.
DENMARKUp to 90 days.
DOMINICAUp to 90 days.
Up to 90 days.
Up to 90 days.
Up to 90 days.
Up to 90 days.
GERMANYUp to 90 days.
GREAT BRITAINUp to 90 days.
GREECEUp to 90 days.
GRENADAUp to 90 days.
Up to 90 days.
Up to 90 days.
HUNGARYUp to 90 days.
ICELANDUp to 90 days.
IRANUp to 90 days.
IRELANDUp to 90 days.
ITALYUp to 90 days.
JAMAICAUp to 90 days.
Up to 90 days.
Up to 90 days.
Up to 90 days.
LITHUANIAUp to 90 days.
LUXEMBOURG Up to 90 days.
MALAYSIAUp to 90 days.
MALTAUp to 90 days.
MEXICOUp to 90 days.
MONACOUp to 90 days.
Up to 90 days.
Up to 90 days.
NORWAYUp to 90 days.
PALESTINEUp to 90 days.
PANAMAUp to 90 days.
PARAGUAYUp to 90 days.
PERUUp to 90 days.
Up to 90 days.
PORTUGALUp to 90 days.
Up to 90 days.
RUSSIAUp to 90 days.
Up to 90 days.
Up to 90 days.
Up to 90 days.
Up to 90 days.
Up to 90 days.
SOUTH AFRICAUp to 90 days.
SOUTH KOREAUp to 90 days.
SPAINUp to 90 days.
SWEDENUp to 90 days.
SWITZERLANDUp to 90 days.
Up to 90 days.
TURKEYUp to 90 days.
URUGUAYUp to 90 days.

Note: The citizens of the countries that are NOT in this list, require Visa to enter Venezuelan territory.

Tourist Visa:

Up to a year. Multiple entries, and multiple entries for up to 90 consecutive days. This is renewable for an equal lapse according to the Ministry of Popular Power for Interior Relationships and Justice of Venezuela.

Transit Visa:

For up to seventy-two (72) consecutive hours, with only one entry. Unless the ticket indicates that the return trip requires another visit to the South American nation, in which case the ticket-holder is allowed to enter the territory twice, with the same limitation of time.

Passing Visa:

Divided in Business, investment, industrial entrepreneur, venezuelan family, domestic employee, rental, student, religious nature, family bonds, reenter and laboral. To get this particular kind of visa, the citizen needs to present the documentation that corroborates the requirement, and the enabling of this visa corresponds to the necessary institutions, which often are the Consular offices, or Embassies of Venezuela.


Every foreign citizen that wishes to touch Venezuelan soil requires a valid passport with a minimum validity of six (06) months. This is acquired with the correspondent entities of its country of origin, and if necessary, it needs to have the visa for the land, which are conceded through the Consular offices, or Embassies of Venezuela.

Source: http://www.mppre.gob.ve/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2143&Itemid=194


Offices for International and National Tourists in Barquisimeto

Migration Offices of Barquisimeto:

International Airport “General Jacinto Lara

Av. Vicente Gil, end of Av. La Salle.





Office of Citizen and Tourist Assistance.

Building of Corporation of Tourism for Lara (CORTULARA)

19th Avenue between 24th and 25th streets. Barquisimeto – Lara



Bolivar Soberano (VEF)



IconoServiceNameDireccionPhone Numbers
AmbulanceSan Juan Ambulances 16th Avenue between Streets 37 and 38(0251)-446.78.50 / (0416)-652.10.12 / (0416)-652.29.69
FiremenFiremen Barquisimeto(0251)-231.74.75 / 231.91.31
Special PoliceCuerpo de Investigaciones Científicas, Penales y Criminalísticas (CICPC)(0251)-237.0511
Emergency ServiceCivil Defense(0251)-254.4889 / (0251)-254.3965
Emergency ServiceEmergency911
CranesToledo Cranes (Affiliated with 911 emergency services)(0251)-442.66.91 / (0414)-520.02.97 / (0414)-529.72.07
HospitalAntonio Maria Pineda Hospital(0251)-252.3450
CranesServi-Cranes “La Foca” 24-hour service for Venezuela, affiliated to Car Asistencia. Conventional and heavy lifting platform(0416)-358.04.91 / (0414)-513.76.13
(0414)-550.16.56 / (0414)-150.73.81
PoliceBarquisimeto Police Department(0251)-231.01.11 / 252.03.67
EmergencyEmergency Service for LARA171
TransitTransit Services – Barquisimeto(0251)-267.15.67

Local Laws:

Translation: This is an environment 100% free of tobacco smoke. Resolution N°030: Prohibition of smoking on internal areas of public spaces, workplaces and recreation areas.

Link: Indoor-smoking prohibition (In Spanish)


Organic Law for Drugs:

In Venezuelan Territory, the consumption and selling of stupefacient products is illegal. Source: Laws against drug use (In Spanish)


Laws for the Disarmament and Gun and Ammo Control doesn’t limit the weapon carrying, however, it regulates the use and carry of said items, according to an established set of laws.

Events and Regional Celebrations

Date / WeekPlaceEvent
January 14thBarquisimetoProcession of the Divina Pastora.
January 20thQuibor Virgin of Altagracia “La Caimana”.
February 27th and 28thNational Territory Carnival.
MayCabudareArtisan’s fair of Agua Viva.
September 4thMunicipality of Urdaneta, Siquisique, Aguada Grande, San MiguelTuras Dance
September 14thBarquisimetoAnniversary of Barquisimeto.
September 14th (whole week)BarquisimetoBarquisimeto Fairs.
Second week of NovemberBarquisimetoBarquisimeto Cinema Festival.
December 28thSanareParty of the Zaragoza.

You can get to Barquisimeto by land or by air, touching down at the International Airport “Jacinto Lara”.

If you are traveling from Caracas:

Distance from Caracas to Barquisimeto: 341 km

 Caracas, Distrito Capital, Venezuela

368 km. 4h 17 min approximately.

 1.Head to the southeast into Av. Nueva Granada through Av. Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi.0,8 km
 2.Go right at the Y-intersection and go through the Valle-Coche Highway / Troncal 9 / Roadway 93,1 km
 3.Keep on going by the Roadway 1.148 km
 4.Keep your right in the Y-intersection to head into the Bárbula-Guacara/V-1 highway16,9 km
 5.Go on through the Valencia – Puerto Cabello highway / Highway 1. (Tollbooths along the road)32,1 km
 6.Take the exit towards the Morón Highway / Valencia – Puerto Cabello Highway.0,5 km
 7.Keep on the Morón Highway / Valencia – Puerto Cabello Highway.5,0 km
 8.Keep your right to stay on the Morón Highway / Valencia – Puerto Cabello Highway.2,6 km
 9.Go on through the Highway 3.2,0 km
 10.At the roundabout, take the second exit.1,1 km
 11.Go on through the Cimarrón-Andresote Regional Highway.131 km
 12.Keep on the Cimarrón-Andresote Regional Highway.7,6 km
 13.Take the exit towards the North Bypass Highway / Panamerican High Road.0,7 km
 14.Go on through the North Bypass Highway / Panamerican High Road.9,8 km
 15.Take the exit towards the Barquisimeto –  El Cují Intercommunal Avenue.0,6 km
 16.Keep on left.2,5 km
 17.Turn slightly right towards the Libertador Avenue.0,3 km
 18.Turn right towards Libertador Avenue.82 m
 19.Turn left towards Libertador Avenue.35 m
 20.Turn right again towards Libertador Avenue.3,5 km
 21.Turn left towards 54th Street.0,6 km
 22.Now, turn right. (Your destination is to the left).0,2 km

Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

If you’re coming from Valencia

Distance Valencia – Barquisimeto: 188 km

Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela

214 km. 2h 35 min approximately.

 1.Go west.0,4 km
 2.Turn right towards 74A Street.5 m
 3.Take the left branch towards the Highway 5.3,1 km
 4.Get on the East Highway / Highway 1.10,0 km
 5.Take the left branch towards the Valencia – Puerto Cabello Highway / Highway 1.0,2 km

Keep on left and turn to the Valencia – Puerto Cabello Highway / Highway 1.

Toll booths along the way.

32,8 km
 7.Take the exit towards the Morón Highway / Highway 1.0,5 km
 8.Go on through the Morón Highway / Highway 15,0 km
 9.Keep on right to stay at the Morón Highway / Highway 1.2,6 km
 10.Keep on the Highway 3.2,0 km
 11.At the roundabout, take the second exit.1,1 km
 12.Go on through the Cimarrón-Andresote Regional Highway.131 km
 13.Stay on the Cimarrón-Andresote Regional Highway.7,6 km
 14.Take the exit towards the North Bypass Highway / Panamerican High Road.0,7 km
 15.Go on through the North Bypass Highway / Panamerican High Road.9,8 km
 16.Take the exit towards the Barquisimeto – El Cují Intercommunal Avenue.0,6 km
 17.Keep left.2,5 km
 18.Turn slightly right towards the Libertador Avenue.0,3 km
 19.Turn right towards Libertador Avenue.82 m
 20.Turn left towards Libertador Avenue. 35 m
 21.Turn right again towards Libertador Avenue.3,5 km
 22.Turn left towards the 54th Street.0,6 km

Turn right.

Your destination is to the left.

0,2 km

Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

If you’re traveling from Maracaibo:

Distance from Maracaibo to Barquisimeto: 337 km

 Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela

339 km. 4h 46 min aproximadamente

 1.Go south.0,6 km
 2.Turn left.4,5 km
 3.Turn right towards Roundabout #3.4,0 km
 4.Turn left towards 96J Street.35 m
 5.Turn right.0,3 km
 6.Turn left.12,4 km
 7.Go on through the Gral. Rafael Urdaneta Bridge.8,0 km
 8.Take the exit towards the Pedro Lucas Urribarrí Avenue.4,1 km
 9.Turn left towards Perozo Alley.0,5 km
 10.Turn right.1,2 km
 11.Turn left.2,9 km
 12.Go into the Lara – Zulia Highway / 17th High Road.212 km
 13.Go into the Panamerican High Road / High Road 1.79,2 km
 14.Go on through the Florencio Jiménez Avenue.7,7 km
 15.Go on through the Libertador Avenue.0,3 km
 16.Turn right.85 m
 17.Turn right, again.0,3 km
 18.Turn left.0,2 km

Turn left at the first street intersection at the 56th. Street.

Your destination is to the right.

0,2 km

Barquisimeto 3001, Lara, Venezuela

Barquisimeto Passengers Terminal:

Business NameCILocal NumberPhone Number
East Union – Drivers Civil Association42540251-4457975
Táchira – Mérida Cooperative Association24210251-4464305
Mérida Express42230251-4453236
1ro. de Octubre Line410251-4459343

Other bus systems outside the terminal


Aeroexpresos Ejecutivos C.A., a company dedicated to the transportation of people throughout the national territory.

German Garmendia Av., Las Trinitarias Urb., Barquisimeto


Maracaibo Express:

Barquisimeto, 20th Av., Ayacucho.


Jacinto Lara International Airport, Barquisimeto

Address: End of La Salle Av., with Vicente Landaeta Gil Av., Barquisimeto, Lara.

Phone Number: (+58) 0251–443 26 99

Means of Transport in Barquisimeto:

  • Bus
  • Carro por puesto (a single car with several passengers and several stops)
  • Transbarca: Simón Bolívar Central Station. (here you can buy the card for the payment of the fee)


Taxi service lines in Barquisimeto:

RateName / LineSchedulePhone Number
Bracamonte del esteDay turn(0251) 254.2575
Linea de Taxi MercabarDay turn(0251) 269.2053
Freddy CáceresOffice Hours(424) 513.2052
Sr HumbertoOffice Hours(414) 521.2742
Cesar TaxiOffice Hours(416) 657.4142
José TaxiNocturne Turn414)504.5733
Nene taxiNocturne Turn(414) 536.9699
Dioni EscalonaPer appointment(412)772.1938
Lucio AlmendrasPer appointment(424) 549.1202 / (0414) 954.0722
Cesar taxi nuevoPer appointment(424) 557.0093
Elio taxiPer appointment(424) 514.9743
Taxi tourDay turn(251)26111068
Obelisco SCDay turn(0251) 237.1481
Línea de taxis Santa ElenaDay turn(0251)253.6523
Linea de taxis los cardonesDay turn(0251)253.5612 (0251)255.1810
Línea el recreoDay turn(0251)445.9085
Línea aeropuerto expressDay turn(0251)808.4327 (0414)565.0532
Línea la estaciónDay turn(0251)251.7487
Las trinitariasDay turn(0251)254.9248
Taxi powerDay turn(0251)255.2345
Taxi Maranatha24 hours(0251)717.8023 (0251)718.7944 (0251)266.9012
Taxi Team tourDay turn0251-2611068 / 0251-2629972
Taxi turístico del esteDay turn0251-2520478 / 0416-6512264 / 0251-6117363
Línea taxi centroDay turn0251-2327256
Taxi Licali 42Day turn0251-4463575
Taxi el sisalDay turn0251-2664604
Taxi Holly SpiritDay turn0251-2320451
Taxi la salleDay turn0251-4414455
Taxi los leonesDay turn0251-2325717
Taxi mundialDay turn0251-2517487
Taxi las colinasDay turn0251-2533854
Taxis tropicalDay turn0251-2524114
Taxi GaviotaDay turn0251-2613933
Taxi PaseoDay turn0251-2554418
Nelson MaranathaNocturne Turn4268543016
Mr PastorNocturne Turn0424-5072781
Taxi MilenniumDay Turn0251- 2541058
Taxi FamiliaNocturnal Turn0251- 2414600 / 0424- 5709448
Juan TaxiNocturne Turn424-5837352
Miguel TaxiNocturne Turn4140582063
Taxi ManuelTravel, transport0426-3529816

Public Restrooms:

You can find them at malls, public installations, tourist sites,  etc. These are often located in areas with easy access.

  • Food establishments sometimes offer the restroom services to consumers.
  • There’s NO LAW that forces private establishments to offer their private restrooms to their consumers.

Tip payments are often included in the final bill, often ranging from 10% to 15% of the total. This, however, is not the only payment for the waiter that served you, as it’s customary leaving a cash tip to the employees.

Public locations with open WiFi networks are limited in this city. However, in private establishments like cafés, bars, and malls, WiFi services are often offered to the consumers.

MonthHighLowRain rate


Temperature: https://weather-and-climate.com/average-monthly-min-max-Temperature,Barquisimeto,Venezuela

Rainfall: Average precipitation : https://weather.com/weather/monthly/l/VEXX0004:1:VE

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