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Universitas Foundation: Innovating in Barquisimeto Culture.

El objetivo de esta Fundación es fomentar el positivismo en la comunidades de Barquisimeto.

We know as culture as every action that a human being makes on his/her own benefit and genders, and that action in itself is democracy. That is why at Yo Amo Bqto we had a very special meeting with an expert in the study of democracy as a lifestyle.

We are talking about lawyer Jairo García, Universitas Foundation principal and teacher of Constitutional Law. He talked with us about his initiative “Democratic  Conversations”, which it develops in various spaces of Barquisimeto, with the main objective to teach the citizen about the practice of democracy as a life philosophy.

The project began in 2015, where it was created “citizen classrooms” in squares, colleges and any public spaces in the city. In the beginning, the objective was to inform the people about competencies and powers of the National Assembly, although the thematic was evolving into a more personal sense.

“We want to make Universitas Foundation a place of meeting, for the people who want to learn the value of respect to their fellow men and know how to practice citizenship”, García affirms

Through these social gatherings, the lawyer wants to invite all the people to reflect and recover the citizen power. “The democratic conversations allow to set the possibility of thinking on how to organize the community in small group of thinkers that can create solutions as a team”.

With an optimistic tone, García says “We are the helpers in the social gatherings because the people have knowledgement. We just need to ask the right questions”.

This citizen coaching style wants to awake the inventiveness of barquisimetans, in order to make them guarantor of their own social, security and economy stability. All of this is based on principles of tolerance, acceptance and recognition of differents opinions from the rest.

Democracy begins at home

“To accept that other person is the challenge of a democrat. To begin to understand those who are adverse to us is the hardest task, but it is possible”, García recalls.

The first scenario where the tolerance, respect and acceptance must practice is at home. Getting along with your relatives and recognize that different opinions exist besides our own, is a good practice of democracy.

Our expert arguments, “our living room is the first condominium or mutual area that we have in our lives and we must share it in the most pacific and balanced way”.

Everything before, alludes to democracy as a life philosophy that acts in every aspect on the everyday of the human being, and its practices invites to reflection, self critic from the positive point of view. “Democracy is culture because it implies respect, reflection, self knowledge, reason, comprehension of the other and empathy. Those elements civilize us”.

Admiration for laran entrepreneurship

In another order of ideas, the meridan lawyer now located in Barquisimeto, makes a reflection about the guaros and their way of living. “Opposite of what they think, the barquisimetans are  very open people. When you enter into a guara family, this adopts you and it is forever”.

He also values as a positive thing, the peculiar entrepreneurship with social objectives that exist in the twilight city. In that sense, he remarked the successful experience of the Cooperative Center of Social Services of Lara State CECOSESOLA, pointing that “it is a very example democratic, very horizontal that have contributed with the quality of a lot of people, especially through the family consumption fair”.

Likewise, the lawyer recalls the laran history and comments about the creation Barquisimeto aqueduct, as a sample of entrepreneurship of private company to heal a problem with water. “That is a great example because it was a private initiative that later it was approved by the local authority of that time”.

García concluded. “That culture still exists in the barquisimetans, it is written on the DNA: the hungry of create changes with social purposes, and as venezuelans and democrats we have to keep stimulating it”.

With this final and admirable speech, we invite you to be part of “Democratic Conversations” everyday from 10 am to 5 pm, at Lara Square in Barquisimeto.

And, if you want to know the events, talks, workshops and interesting content, follow us through our social media as @yoamobqto.

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