Top 12: YAB Articles of 2018 – Part One
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Top 12: YAB Articles of 2018 – Part Two

Yo Amo Barquisimeto

YAB will keep discovering the best of our city on 2019.

We’re not done yet with our top of best articles at YAB. Let’s remember a few more and the incredible people behind each one.


  1. Neya: Taking Art to the Tropical Vibes

You may know María Eugenia Salas as @laneyaylabestia on Instagram. […] [She] describes herself as an observer who feels the need to express her vision of the world, sometimes abstract, sometimes specific, but always staying true to the creations of her mind. Her happy place is anywhere she can have fun, find out new things, laugh, and feel kindness. Her art is based on daily life on the street, in nature, in people and their movement. Sometimes art can speak more than words, which is what Neya tries to prove through her works.”


  1. Food Truck Fever with La Burguesa Gourmet

What started as a family business became the start of a new time of food trucks in our city. Inspired by the world’s gastronomic innovations, La Burguesa began the journey of the street-food business in a new way. It combines the irresistible fast food we all love with a touch of gourmet food that makes you feel as if the plate you’re having belongs to a royal family member. […] The name ‘La Burguesa’ seeks to make people feel that they will not regret going there, it wants to remind them the good part of fast food, that its exquisiteness can be as good as a royal meal.”


  1. Exploring Through Architecture with Tropico.lab

The importance of Trópico comes from the architect’s heart of Loizaga: to communicate accomplishments, to let the world know the amazing breakthroughs that no one is seeing. The world of architecture has so many branches that people don’t pay enough attention, and Génesis is looking to change that, she hopes to be a showcase of architecture communication and learning.”


  1. Papel Café, an Expansion of Your Home

Papel Café smells like wood, books, and coffee. It’s a universe full of stories that you can go and read at any time. It is a space where its owners feel like in their living room, a cave to forget for a while the chaos and stress of the street, which is what they want to offer to those who visit. It seeks to promote reading: its objective is that, beyond cookies and coffee, people can approach books, differentiate styles, writers, and initiate conversations based on what they are reading.


  1. Guaro of the Week: Guarapo Simple  

The life of David González can be described with color palettes. The warm tones of his childhood, with the most vibrant and brilliant of his youth, led him to turn the every day into fascinating creations, garbage into artworks, and a little boy from Pavia into the artist we now know as Guarapo Simple.” An Hour with Guarapo Simple was the first YAB Talk of many more to come, and you can enjoy it one more time clicking here.


  1. YAB Memories: The words of Rafael Cadenas

Everybody has felt intimidated at some point, in some way; and for writers and poets, it can be threatening to be alone with their own words.” For a whole month, we got to honor all those brave ones who write amazing stories, novels, poems, and everything their soul has the need to get out. Barquisimeto Between Lines began with Rafael Cadenas and his poem “Las Paces.”


2018 was truly an amazing year. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank every person who made possible to discover wonderful places in our city. Here’s to a 2019 filled with art, talent, music, and all good things!


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