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Top 12: YAB Articles of 2018 – Part Two
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Top 12: YAB Articles of 2018 – Part One

In 2018 we got to meet incredible people, find hidden talents, discover Barquisimeto from its roots, food, and even celebrations.

With just a few days left of 2018, we couldn’t let pass the opportunity to remember the great times we’ve had in Yo Amo Barquisimeto. We have grown through the culture of the Twilight City; we’ve danced to its music, painted our days with the colors of its artists, and even tasted the flavor of our roots. It was a great year, and since we don’t want you to think otherwise, let’s remember everything we discovered through YAB’s top 12 articles.


1Cachela: Between Flamenco and Design

Carmen Gisela Judez Zubillaga, best known as Cachela, has dedicated her entire life in dancing between castanets, heels, claps, and flamenco singers. Her journey included Madrid, where she fell in love with design, which ended up in the creation of Cachela Moda Flamenca. Now, her production takes place in the US along with Venezuela. We introduce you to a mix of passions, as well as an example of effort, love, and perseverance.


2. Second Round: Venezuela’s Traditional Dances

The beautiful part of dancing is how versatile it can be, and traditional Venezuelan dances are proof of this. From a hundred of them, YAB is here to introduce you four of them: Los Giros de San Benito, a January dance with indigenous roots; Las Turas, celebrated in Lara and Falcón during late September; El Pájaro Guarandol, an amazing poetry and dancing performance during December; and El Mare-Mare, a dance in honor of the deceased. Come along and dance with us!


3. Sucumbás: The Charm of Venezuela’s Plates

Located at the Venezuelan Avenue and 28th street, there’s a blue house with a sign next to the door that reads Sucumbás, where art takes place in the typical flavors of Venezuelan cuisine. Get to know Josefina and Juan Carlos, along with their colonial decorations, warm service, and a piece from Boconó, Carora, Lara, Los Andes, and Venezuela as a whole.


4. Heaven on Earth: La Gloria

Have you imagined heaven? Does it have great food? If both answers are “yes,” look no further: La Cochina Gloria makes it real. Home of the pork in Barquisimeto, the hidden jewels of Venezuelan food can be found in La Gloria. We tell you everything about it, as well as their glorious weekends, where you can enjoy the best food with talented Venezuelan musicians performing. Don’t be afraid to give pork a chance!


5. Carlos Lameda and His Augmented Reality

Our Twilight City is the home of great talents in art, cuisine, and even technology! Carlos Lameda is proof of this: in 2014, he decided to take a step forward making his own  augmented reality company: Lamedas. Yo Amo Barquisimeto is ready to get into this world, are you?


6. Juguetes Inteligentes: Learning through Art and Science

Juguetes Inteligentes is not just a toy-shop, but a whole organization with a philosophy that seeks to change the educational system, which has stayed the same for over 50 years. The organization wants to teach the basic sciences such as physics, maths, mechanics, and more through wooden automatons and different toys. Come to know the magic of automats, as well as the wonderful world of Juguetes Inteligentes.


Don’t go too far; you can find the second part of YAB’s top articles clicking here!


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