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The Visual Artists of the UCLA Present Their Sample “De Raíz”

Social representations of women, the use of warm and cold colors, waste materials and a special approach to the human anatomy are some of the things that you’ll be able to see in the Exhibition XXXIX entitled “De Raíz” (From the Root) exhibited by students recently graduated from the Faculty of Arts of the Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado University (UCLA), in the Palace of Government of Barquisimeto.

These 12 young creators teach, through the use of unusual materials and even the interaction in the piece, their perspective on what they conceive as humanity; being this last element as subjective as the artist, making of this exhibition a diverse adventure, that capture the senses and invites you to reflect.

The pieces, created by Arianna Peña, Aurimar Silva, Aymara Monsalve, Bárbara Hernández, Benjamín Pérez, Feliz Zafra, Joanna Juárez, Hilda Túa, María Hernández, María Lugo, Raquel Ferrer and Unai González, are a variety of personal perspectives and perception of humanity from an artistic language.

Among them, we can highlight a video made by Raquel Ferrer where, in performance style, she seeks to illustrate a study about Venezuelan culture. In another conceptual style, Benjamín Pérez evokes, from a photographic silhouette of his mother, his memories, using materials that let you glimpse sensations and personal emotions.

In this same order, the piece “Seres Miserables” by Joanna Juárez, reflects an emotional reality of youth, worked with paper bags and figurative style. This type of language allows us to recognize realities from the point of view of the artist.

Abstract and conceptual styles, a mixture of elements and materials, photography and videos; these young people have the world ahead, not only for their daring experimentation but also for their broad way of seeing the world. At Yo Amo Bqto we support the emerging talent, which will be the new generation of artists in Venezuela.

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