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The sundays are meant to be “chapeled”

The San Miguel Chapel inside of the Barquisimeto Museum is the place where musicians and singers of the region make an appointment every sunday since 9am. They decorate the spaces of this cultural complex with the most free and sentimentals accords of Barquisimeto.

Between the boleros and ballads, the groups direct this “chapeled” concert to delight the community with no charge. The objective of these musicians is to consolidate a tradition that has lost and they want to save: to play serenades.

“Chapeled” means to the popular 50s slang, a casual meeting inside a house to share with friends, to remind stories and facts in a company of the guitar, maracas and voice. Currently, different musical ensembles, infant chords, cameras groups and guest musicians considerate this space and initiative as an opportunity to promote new talents and as a social meeting that allows to consolidate a cultural base that can last for a long time.

Last sessions, It had the opportunity to present Héctor Peraza “Zumbate” with his show “My life in three times” where the people could enjoy of the bolero and zulian gaita.

if you want to know more about all the surprises that the “chapeled” have prepared, the appointment is every sundays in the morning. Besides, you can enjoy from the fresh environment the museum has and its social gathering with music and a cup of coffee.

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