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The Sounds of Barquisimeto: Drosera Capensis and its Psychedelic Music

Drosera Capensis Barquisimeto

The winners of Circuito Nuevas Bandas Occidente II are ready to keep rocking all the way to the Gran Caracas.

Growing up in the Musical City is quite a magical experience, thus whether if it’s through singing, dancing, playing or just loving music in general, as Guaros we have a special connection with this incredible art form. If you do not believe in the power of the Barquisimetan talent, then we invite you to go asap to a toque of Drosera Capensis; their hypnotic sounds and energy are indescribable, but what we can tell you is the story behind the band.

Drosera’s musical journey began in 2015 with César “El Chapa” Muñoz, whose excitement to keep making music after touring with Isla Sorda, was not just going to leave. Asking himself “now what?”, the idea of starting his own band got into his head. The next one to join Drosera was Alejandro Yustiz, the bass player. Now with two musicians on board, they started the search for a drum player.

After tries with a few candidates, the chosen one was Miguel Agreada, Chapa’s old friend from Pantera’s Memorial shows. The three musicians’ first official rehearse as Drosera Capensis worked even better than expected; later, Héctor Rodríguez came along with his voice and his guitar, giving the final touch to the stoner band.

Jamming, improvisations, and chemistry

Drosera Capensis’ music is available on SoundCloud, and one listen is all it takes to become addicted to the rhythm.

The chemistry between the four band members is amazingly good. Perhaps, Drosera’s secret is that every member comes from musical genres. Alejandro, who comes from El Sindicato del Ocio, brought along with Chapa experimental rock’s innovative streak; Miguel, from Verminus and Tierra Santa, got to them with his strong metal sound; and finally, Héctor from Los Chaplin, brought the indie and stoner rock vibes that Chapa is also known for. From jazz music, the band members take the improvisations, which is a big part of Drosera’s essence.

Unfortunately, Miguel moved to Colombia after a while and left the band, but that did not stop Drosera. Their current drum player, Jesús Valera, also comes from Los Chaplin, and he happens to have the same vibe that Miguel brought to the band, so it was not hard to keep the perfect balance of influences.


This is how Drosera sounds like

With their stoner rock influences, the inspiration for Drosera flowed just like magic. Chapa knew from the start what he wanted to do: following in the footsteps of bands like The Mars Volta, he began to compose his own music.

Drosera’s great debut was at Barquisimetan musician Alan “Plátano” Pérez’s birthday party; the place was crowded with other musicians and amazing bands. But their first gig with an audience of civilians was their performance at Barquisimeto Tiene Talento, that was when The Musical City met Drosera Capensis.

Drosera Capensis’ experimental rock is unbelievable; their live shows, such as the performance at Circuito Nuevas Bandas, have been imbued with such raw energy that you can not just stand still; the stoner-psychedelic rock vibe, makes the musical movement from Barquisimeto remain fresh, and it is easy to keep them on repeat thanks to their incredible improvisations.

The next road for Drosera

With a record on the way and a few other projects in mind, the eyes of Drosera’s band members are looking directly into more fantastic performances and experiences to come. The road to Caracas for the Nuevas Bandas Festival is filled with excitement, as it marks the first time the band will play in another city.

Drosera’s journey will take them on many roads beyond our borders, and in each one they will take the Guaro pride with them, making their hometown once again, an astonishing reference for musical culture.

From Yo Amo Barquisimeto, we hope to discover more talent, more music, and more ideas from all Guaros. From this moment on, we cannot wait until we meet again at another Drosera Capensis’ performance.


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