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The Sounds of Barquisimeto: Andrea Paradas

Andrea Paradas, Low

Andrea's alternative music project, Low, brings the indie rock vibe to Barquisimeto's music movement.

When the magic of music comes, all you can do is let it be and create. Some songs can take us to a particular person or place; you can feel yourself going back to the most spectacular memory or perhaps for the one you’d rather forget, but at the end of the day, that’s the wonder of music: to express your feelings through a story.

The Twilight City keeps hidden a bunch of amazing tales and a ton of wonderful talents, and Yo Amo Barquisimeto is here to find the talents behind every story; that’s why you’re about to discover an amazing Guara that makes our musical side proud: Andrea Paradas.

Rock Barquisimeto

With her single “Ocean Tales” Andrea shows the amazing talent she has.

For Andrea Paradas, the melodies were in her family roots, so it wasn’t a surprise that at the age of 9 she found the love for music, or to be exact a love for the guitar. Later, as a student of the Conservatorio de Barquisimeto, she discovered the harmonies and scales that helped her through the exploring of her sound. All she knew is that she wanted her own sound.

Although music was not the first art she went through as a child, it was the one who stole her heart. Andrea grew up between different arts, such as painting, dancing, and of course: music; her passion for playing was so big that she ended up learning to play the cuatro, violin, guitar, the cajón flamenco and bongos, but her talent doesn’t end there, because at the age of 12 she began her facet as a singer-songwriter.

This Is How Low Sounds Like

Her music career began with her band Look Over The Walls, which first project was a post-hardcore sound. Then she explored with pop-rock, changing the sound of the band to an alternative vibe; through their name, they wanted people to see through the barriers that we as human put in front of us, denying ourselves the process of discovering new things, and enjoying things outside of our comfort zone, from fears to music genres.

While the band members were going back and forth, Andrea never stopped believing in her songs and melodies, so she decided it was time for her to take flight on her musical road: that’s how Low, Andrea’s solo project, begins. Now it’s Andrea’s turn to try to look over things in a new way.


Some musicians’ creative process can occur when turning up the volume of the music, Andrea’s does not: she becomes one with music, her own music; no melodies except the ones she’s making, it’s a silent process that allows her to express her genuine feelings through music. Since the beginning she has written her projects in English, it comes naturally for her, perhaps because Frank Ieron of My Chemical Romance is her hero and one of her biggest musical influences.

More to Come

The Nuevas Bandas performance was just the start of a long and exciting road for Andrea Paradas; the music of this 19-year-old Guara is out of this world, and from her songs to her covers, you’ll be amazed by her incredible voice and talent. They don’t call us the Musical City for nothing if you ever doubt the talent of the Guaros, just listen to any Andrea Paradas song.

You won’t regret keeping an eye on the great musical project that Low is, if you’re already a fan, then get ready to listen to a new song on August 23rd; and don’t forget to wish Andrea a happy birthday on the same day!

Let’s keep the music on for our Ciudad Musical.


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