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The Game Before the Fall

La Serie del Caribe 2019

La Serie del Caribe was supposed to begin on February 2nd. But it was moved to Panamá.

Living in uncertainty is like a small bubble: we change the meaning of comfort. Living in chaos and kindness is confusing: which side can you go to without being judged? Living in Barquisimeto, with its contrasts and colors, is all this and more.


Many things have happened in the last few days, even in the previous months. But this story is the one that occurred on January 27th, perhaps the most awaited Sunday for many Guaros; for others, it was the one they least wanted to happen. The game they dreamed of, between beaten days and critical views, arrived.


Cardenales de Lara became champions and the streets soon filled with music and celebration. Suddenly, we were able to forget the sad moments that haunt us and that are no secret to anyone in our city. Being happy seems to be a crime these days.


Barquisimeto took a necessary breath day.


Few are those who do not condemn happiness in others. In the end, no one of us is to blame for the circumstances that take away from us the moments we most hope for. The joys that have brought away from us around the country have been many, and this is one of those that go into the bag.


The Twilight City took a breath and then fell; we were sold the illusion of a championship that never happened. Sometimes, it makes much more than just the desire to do things or the joy they can give us. It’s our city, we take care of it, we love it, we cry over it, but we always try to rise again.


We deserve more. Barquisimeto deserves more. Its people deserve much more. Our walls deserve to be painted for more than just a week, or to get the lights fixed in only a few streets. We all deserve more than crumbs.


And that’s how many people’s dream of seeing our champions play La Serie at home, went away. Between joys and sorrows, we remain; between the passion that is known to the Guaros.




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