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The Faces of Sanare

Sanare traditions

Each of these faces represents the diversity and history that surrounds Sanare.

To discover the landscapes of Sanare is one thing, but to really explore the town between the memories of its people, to get to know what moves them, it’s another. We won’t deny the beauty that lies between its mountains, flowers, and skies; but whenever you’re in Sanare, it’s a must to get to enjoy the ones that are responsible of creating the place just as we know it. The ones that with every word warm you like their hot coffee, or seem as joyful as if every day were December 28th. YAB would never leave behind an opportunity to keep discovering, nonetheless to meet the faces behind Sanare.


María Valeria de González

For more than 50 years, her life has been colored through the smiles and music from Los Zaragozas. She is one of the main captains of this celebration and also the second mother of all people in Sanare. To talk to her is like listening to one of your loved ones, as if you’ve known her all your life. The magic of Sanare starts with her: with the love she feels for her town, the people that surround her, and the traditions.


El Morocho” Juan Ramón Escalona

A passionate lover of his town, its people, and every detail around Los Zaragozas. A poet hidden in the heart of Sanare; a happy man that seeks to keep the traditions. You could describe el morocho in so many ways, but you could never actually find the right words to show his incredible love for his life and hometown. Both Juan Ramón and Juan José, known as los morochos, are living and walking proof of all the experiences that relate the daily life and eccentricities of the peasant life in Sanare.


José Anselmo Castillo

Known as the cronista de Sanare, he is the man behind the great stories, chronicles, and literature of Sanare; a teacher, viticulturist, and bricklayer. José Anselmo has dedicated his life to wisdom, good coffee, and documenting in his writings every detail about the land of Los Zaragozas. This magical small town will forever be remembered through the memories and the people like Anselmo whose life goes around the love of putting in words what surrounds him.


Rafael Alvarado

Son of Bernabé Alvarado and heir of the major captaincy of Los Zaragozas; a musician and director of the group Curigua, the ones behind the so-known “Ay, Zaragoza!” Alvarado was raised between the sounds of cuatro, maracas, and violin; but also behind the organization of the most colorful party of Sanare through his father. For the first time, Rafael is in charge of maintaining the Alvarado tradition alive inside Los Zaragozas and giving the people that important side of culture that everybody loves and waits during the whole year.


Culture of Sanare

Sanare is a small town with an incredible cultural diversity that fills us with mixtures and colors that envelop each one of its personalities.


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