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The Colors of Mariana Sellanes

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Mariana has filled the streets of Venezuela with her colorful and amazing mural paintings.

Without noticing, the colors you find in your everyday life mark some of the most important moments; they paint the places, people, and moments that you’ll keep in your heart forever. The blues and yellows of the sunny days, or even the cold colors of a rainy morning, fill the blank spaces in the canvas of our minds – yes, canvas, as if our days were art themselves because, in a way, they are.


If you don’t believe me, at least the artist that we’re gonna talk about does. Mariana Sellanes wasn’t born in Barquisimeto, but surely she feels the Twilight City as if it were her hometown. Mariana was born in San José de Mayo, Uruguay, where she had her first encounter with art thanks to her aunt. She learned how to observe and perceive anywhere; she could see art in things no one else could.


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Mariana’s art was a must-have for YAB’s 1st Visual Arts Exhibition. Her incredible work of art illuminated the gallery with its colors.


At 20 years old, she knew exactly what she wanted to be: an artist. And she hasn’t look back since then; her whole life has been about art. Her first art exhibition was at Barquisimeto’s Alliance Française, in 1985, and her first wall painting took place at 51st Street and Pedro León Avenue. Murals were what marked her beginnings.


Mariana Sellanes is the author of the amazing mural Espejo y Alma de Pueblo along María Esther Berríos, a wall that narrates the most significant aspects of the January 14 procession. For Mariana, murals are some of the best types of art that can exist, because they are available to everyone. There is no need to go to a museum, because the work of art coexists with the people of the city, it becomes part of their everyday life.






“Communication, color, femininity.”

Mariana Sellanes’ three words to describe her work.


Mariana seeks to express through her art things that are not only hers. She wants everyone to feel identified. Her works are based on her perceptions and life experiences, in a very intimate and feminine way. She believes in the energy of colors, and how they can awake feelings and emotions in us.


Barquisimeto is the place where it all began. She lived, wandered and felt her city as only some could; she walked from the west side to the east side, finding corners and things that caught her attention; places that although they may be gone, are still meaningful to Mariana. In her heart, she always finds herself  missing and appreciating the beauty of the Mercado Terepaima, the Cementerio Viejo de Barquisimeto, the Parque Ayacucho, and the Concha Acústica.



For this artist, all the emblematic places of the city will always have that kind of poetry and energy that they had on their beginnings, no matter how much people try to change them. Nowadays, Mariana lives in Mérida with her husband, with whom she shares a new food project. Mérida has also given her the chance to start the project of La Cobija, a collective work with other women about taking their emotions, experiences, and weave all together, so the experience of all will be enlightened more and more.


Mariana Sellanes thanks life for the opportunity she has had to express herself through the work she enjoys the most. She has always stayed true to her heart, portraying what she wants to say through the bright colors of her works. For Yo Amo Barquisimeto, it is always a pleasure to be the showcase that presents some of the amazing talents that have passed through our city for a while, leaving their incredible cultural mark, just like Mariana did.


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