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The Barquisimetans Were Able to See “Cómo Pinta un Guaro”

At Yo Amo Bqto we support the Venezuelan entrepreneurship and its desire to get ahead. In the city, there are many examples of entrepreneurship through the arts, and Pabellón del Arte is one of them because it provides a catharsis space for all those amateurs and professionals who want to show their talent and their way of interpreting the world.

With their exhibition “Cómo Pinta un Guaro” (How Does a Guaro Paint), which began on November 25th, this group of people selected amateur and experienced painters to show that Barquisimeto has talent and deserves to be recognized.

This exhibition presented artworks from young people and adults. They were shown at their headquarters in the carrera 21, between calle 10 and 11, at the Rainha Santa Isabel building, first floor, store number M-6. In an environment where human development was the main character.

Its objective, according to organizers Michell Vidal Orellana and Katherine De La Rosa, is to “generate spaces where professionals from different areas expose their ideas through artistic and social expressions. Through this, we are implementing the idea of a floating gallery, which is based on taking common spaces and filling them with art. With all this, we want society to become familiar with the arts and give them the importance they deserve.”

But what is Pabellón del Arte?

Alluding the typical Venezuelan dish and a mixture of ingredients, the guys from Pabellón del Arte represent “the fusion of the root that holds them to the culture.”

“The name of our project wants to reflect our idiosyncrasy and highlight the pabellón (Venezuelan dish) not only as a typical dish, but as a metaphor responsible for uniting the work of different professionals such as: musicians, photographers, poets, visual artists, designers, and Human Development graduates,” state the members of the group in their official fan page.

If you want to know more about this group, just follow them on social networks as @pabellondelarte and discover the content and interesting people behind these pieces of art.

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