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TequeFrench is Always a Good Idea

TequeFrench Barquisimeto

It's been almost 10 years since TequeFrench started, and we still fall in love with every flavor of its tequeños.

Anthony Bourdain used to say that you learn a lot about someone by sharing a meal together, and since I believe he was right, I can say that as Guaros we are lucky to have tons of delicious plates and places to visit, and loved ones with whom we can have the best of times.

Now I’m gonna tell you about a place you should definitely be proud of because there you’ll discover that Barquisimeto is not just known for its beautiful sunsets but we also have the best tequeños ever in: TequeFrench.


The Family Secret

TequeFrench wasn’t planned, it came almost as a surprise in Iyeni Burgos’ life, the founder, and creator of TequeFrench. The flavor began with the roots of her Lebanese family and a recipe for pistachio’s pasteles made with French dough that her grandmother used to make, but it was her aunt who first took the same French dough and made tequeños with it. In the last days of her life, she passed on to Iyeni the recipe that began the tequeños franchise. Now, that exact recipe is the one that Burgos still uses for TequeFrench tequeños, the one that all Guaros love.

The story that comes later begins in Iyeni’s kitchen; she started making tequeños for her friends and family, and TequeFrench was a tequeños delivery. Then she had to hire someone to help her, then two helpers, then three, and before she knew it, the whole crew was too big to keep working in her kitchen; it was time for a store.

Tequeños Barquisimeto

The best tequeños ever + live music + cold beers.
There’s no other place you’d rather be.

Culture and Tequeños

During all the years that TequeFrench has been around, it has always looked for something new to do. The ideas for something fresh started with the flavors of its tequeños, you’ll find from tequeños of pizza to chistorra; if you’re into sweets, then you’ll love the tequeños of chocolate. Of course, you’ll find the classic tequeño of cheese that we all love, but if you feel like trying a new flavor, don’t hesitate to ask for the tequeños of guayaba. TequeFrench has over 15 amazing flavors, and you’ll regret it if you don’t try each one of them.

But the fun doesn’t end with the flavors; for a night out, there’s no better idea than a cold beer and a plate full of tequeños! TequeFrench has for you the Cerveceros Wednesdays and the Open Mic Thursdays, there you’ll discover the talents of Barquisimeto: from great musicians to the best local stand-up comedians, you are guaranteed to have the perfect night. TequeFrench is always ready to welcome you on weekends with live music, culture and the best food.


If you want to feel at home while having a fun night out, this is the right place to go. The flavors of the tequeños, the music, and the whole place make it a great experience, so don’t doubt to hang out for a while at TequeFrench. Just as Paris is always a good idea, so is TequeFrench.


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