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YoAmoBqto Route: The Taste of Our Own

Once you listen to the exquisite flavors of Barquisimeto on YAB Talk, we know that you’ll be wondering where to start enjoying our spectacular food. No […]
YoAmoBqto Route

YoAmoBqto Route: Finding Tequeños

As Venezuelans, we have a golden rule: if there are no tequeños, there is no party; as Guaros, we are lucky to have this deliciousness just […]
Parks of Barquisimeto

YoAmoBqto Route: Vacations in the Parks

Name one thing better than summer break. Spoiler: you can’t, because there’s nothing better! No class, no stress, just fun. We know you’re probably fantasizing with […]

YoAmoBqto Route: Let’s Do Karaoke!

Have you truly lived if you have never sung at a karaoke? I can assure you, some of my best memories with my friends come from […]