Register for the Coaching for Entrepreneurs Workshop with Luis Thielen and Jairo Vidoza

The year 2018 is approaching, and it is time to reflect on the contribution we are making to the world. For many, it will mean a […]

Describing My Span at YoAmoBQTO.com in 1hr and 14min

When a year finish, it’s natural for us to see through the rear-view mirror everything we’ve dealt on those 365 days, and we usually do it […]

Peludos al Rescate Foundation: A Vocation as Difficult as Satisfying

Patricia Kahale and Marlyn Cuello, members of Peludos al Rescate (Furries to the Rescue), accumulate several stories related to their vocation as rescuers. Their stories range […]

Carlos Cruz Arrives at the Guaro Theatres with “¿Divorciarme Yo?”

On November 11, the Juares Theatre will host Carlos Cruz with the monologue “¿Divorciarme Yo?” (Divorce? Me?), which promises to be a play full of humor, […]