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Cieca Teaches You How to Take Portrait Photographs

Making photographic portraits goes beyond capturing the image of a person, it requires a previous production where the photographer must create a relationship with the muse […]

Visor: Where Photography Belongs to the Fine Arts

What is a Visor (viewfinder)? It is a prism or optical system that some handheld cameras carry and serves to focus quickly. For the Galería de […]

Willy McKey Teaches You “How To Tell a Story (Correctly)”, at Barquisimeto

Storytelling has always been part of Venezuelan culture since it allows us to leave a written historical record of the people’s memory. However, there is a […]

Youngsters Learned How to “Invent Future” with Esteban Reyes

On February 22th, the second session of the UNIVERSITAS INNOVATION WEEK was held. The event was organized by @universitasf in collaboration with @startcoachingla and @startupvenezuela. In […]