Five Reasons to Attend the BQTO Social Art

In Barquisimeto, there have always been groups of friends who come together to try to change the world around them based on what they know. By […]

Learn How to make Cocktails in Barrica Bar

Cocktail making is an attractive and fun activity for those who want to delight their guests or clients with the best drinks, and in Barrica Bar […]

Barquisimeto’s Tourist Attractions: Lara’s Waterfalls

The city of Barquisimeto is surrounded by countless tourist attractions, including impressive monuments and natural beauties. Outside of the Twilight City, at the most spectacular spots […]

Music as a Positive Influence in Children

When Allegro store opened its doors in Barquisimeto 4 years ago, the general manager and owner of this franchise, Franklin Gutiérrez, never thought about the positive […]
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