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Piano Barquisimeto

Sounds of Barquisimeto: The Music of Gerardo Pernalete

Barquisimeto is indeed filled with amazing artists; there are people that paint, others sculpt, write, or give their life to music. When talking about art, we […]
María Gabriela Querales

Guara of the Week: María Gabriela Querales

When you carefully explore the sounds of Barquisimeto, there’s no doubt that you will find Guaros ready to blow your mind with their talent. From a […]
Alirio Diaz

Listen to the Sounds of Barquisimeto

The beauty of Barquisimeto doesn’t end with its twilights, that’s just a small part of what we are. Barquisimeto is the city of music, arts, and […]
Festival Nuevas Bandas

Circuito Nuevas Bandas: What Rock has Joined Together

As the Musical City, we are proud to have amazing talents in all music genres; we are not just cuatro y maracas. As Guaros, we naturally […]