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Poetry Rafael Cadenas

YAB Memories: The words of Rafael Cadenas

“Let’s come to an agreement, poem.”   Yes, perhaps we should start with an agreement, as Cadenas did. Let’s agree to celebrate others’ triumphs, let’s agree […]
Rafael Cadenas poetry

Poetry Reigns: Rafael Cadenas wins Premio Reina Sofía de Poesía Iberoamericana

Our main character of today, once said: “In fact, we do not know what poetry is, but we recognize it when it appears, either in living […]

The Slam Poetry Bqto is Coming this 2018

At Yo Amo Bqto we start 2018 with very good news for all the art and culture lovers, because the fourth season of Slam Poetry Bqto […]

6th Cycle of the Slam Poetry Bqto, in Honour of Omar Aguirre

Yo Amo Bqto had a coffee with the organizers of the Slam Poetry, where they gave details about the 6th and last cycle of 2017, which […]