YoAmoBQTO Route Map: Lara’s Caves

In Barquisimeto, there are many places to visit. However, the outskirts of this great city also have much to offer, such as national parks, dams, and […]
Yacambú is a National Park

Know the Yacambú National Park

Every big city deserves a great place to rest, don’t you think? Caracas has the Waraira Repano, Mérida has the Sierra Nevada, Coro has the Médanos, […]

Riding a Bicycle in Barquisimeto: Learn about the BiciRed Venezuela Initiative

The bicycle, for some people, is considered a sport of great impact. For others, it is linked to the feeling of freedom, and for the young […]

1st Walk/Run @GatosRunnersAcarigua

The inclusion of people with reduced mobility has been massive, since activities to promote their inclusion in everyday life have been created, letting society know that […]