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Do You Want to Be a Bartender? You Can’t Miss this Ronagave Basic Course

Bartenders Ronagave Academy will begin its Bartender Basic Course in 2018. Learn this world-renowned craft from experts who will show you the ABC of bartending in […]

The Alliance Française of Venezuela Invites You to Participate in the National Contest “Sing in French 2018”

The call is open to anyone over the age of 18 with singing skills in French. The Alliance Française of Venezuela and the French Embassy are […]

Casco Histórico Foundation Honors the Poet Alí Lameda

Considered as one of the poets who redefined an era in Lara and Venezuela, Alí Lameda is for many people a forgotten artist; however, the friends […]

Behind Synesthesia: Experience This Spectacular Initiative by La Vida Suena

Barquisimeto is a universe of emotions and stimulus where several types of artistic energies fluctuate; that is Synesthesia, and the guys of La Vida Suena try […]