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Piano Barquisimeto

Sounds of Barquisimeto: The Music of Gerardo Pernalete

Barquisimeto is indeed filled with amazing artists; there are people that paint, others sculpt, write, or give their life to music. When talking about art, we […]
María Gabriela Querales

Guara of the Week: María Gabriela Querales

When you carefully explore the sounds of Barquisimeto, there’s no doubt that you will find Guaros ready to blow your mind with their talent. From a […]
Alirio Diaz

Listen to the Sounds of Barquisimeto

The beauty of Barquisimeto doesn’t end with its twilights, that’s just a small part of what we are. Barquisimeto is the city of music, arts, and […]
Circuito Nuevas Bandas

Yo Amo Barquisimeto Goes to Festival Nuevas Bandas

The Musical City welcomes one more time the sounds of rock from all over the country. The Festival Nuevas Bandas is the oldest event of its […]