Tears, Pride, and Diaspora: The Terepaima en Movimiento Screening

One of the most remarkable chronicles in my life as a journalist is that of Anton Ego -yes, from Ratatouille- at the end of the film. […]

Terepaima en Movimiento, an Approach to the Guaro Contrasts

Much of the greatness of this city resides in its people, the unknown beings who live in this macro Guaro system, where their main function is […]

Happy Birthday, Fundaintegrarte! 3 Years Bringing Children Closer to the Audiovisual World

One of the first allies that Yo Amo Bqto had when it began to be a media created to link the arts, culture, and tourism was […]

El Amparo Movie: The Story of a Venezuelan Massacre

If there’s a need to stand out among others, it is necessary that it meets the characteristics of originality, quality, good development, and innovation. Throughout the […]