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Barquisimeto Antinatura: A Deep Look at the Art of Alejandro Coutinho

For an artist like Alejandro Coutinho, the mission is to seek beauty and color in all the recesses of Barquisimeto and demonstrate that our surroundings are […]

The circus as a life-changing art

Barquisimeto is a city rich in art, exhibitions and rooted folklore. It’s full of hidden talents, of humble origins and with the desire to get ahead, […]

Behind Rodolfo Pimentel’s lens

With the unbeatable prologue of Carlos Eduardo López Falcón, director of the Fototeca in the Center of Lara History, it begins with the walk for the […]

Get to Know the UCLA

Barquisimeto is known as the City of Twilight for a reason: its sky becomes a kaleidoscopic spectrum of colors when the sunset arrives, which is one […]