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Happy Birthday, Barquisimeto! Explore The City in Two Periods. Part I

Today, Barquisimeto celebrates 465 years of its foundation as a city, a beautiful city that saw YoAmoBQTO.com born, develop and reach its goals as a media. […]

The circus as a life-changing art

Barquisimeto is a city rich in art, exhibitions and rooted folklore. It’s full of hidden talents, of humble origins and with the desire to get ahead, […]

In Town: Terepaima Market

Among the many things that characterize Barquisimeto, there’s an incredible amount of agronomic land that’s filled with fresh vegetables that travel to the capital of the […]

Visit the Eustoquio Gomez House

Among the rich history of Barquisimeto, you can find evidences of the importance of this central city in the annals of Venezuela’s culture. Constructions, cultural emblems, […]