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Art as a living expression of Barquisimeto’s culture, with Moisés Andrade

The arts can be seen as a stimulating way to encourage children’s interest. Learning by playing or creating something is one of the best ways to […]

Programming for Kids Workshop with CADIF1

In a world so globalized and technologically advanced, it is natural for our children to be interested in innovation. And if your child is a computer […]

Happy Birthday, Fundaintegrarte! 3 Years Bringing Children Closer to the Audiovisual World

One of the first allies that Yo Amo Bqto had when it began to be a media created to link the arts, culture, and tourism was […]

Video Editing Workshop For Children with Fundaintegrarte

In a world so avant-garde as this, our children are very eager to consume technology; but not only that, they also want to create their own […]