When the Circus Arts are Combined with Culture and Sports, with Virginia Alvarado

Culture has an expansive definition, because it involves human actions in all its dimensions, from the artistic to the sport one, including beliefs, traditions, and customs […]

Sign Up for the Aerial Silks Workshop at the Juares Theatre

The practice of acrobatic on fabrics, also known as aerial dance or aerial ballet, is an activity that consists of performing choreographed movements suspended on fabrics. […]

Happy Birthday, Barquisimeto! Explore The City in Two Periods. Part I

Today, Barquisimeto celebrates 465 years of its foundation as a city, a beautiful city that saw YoAmoBQTO.com born, develop and reach its goals as a media. […]

2017 Vacation Plan of the Centro de Formación Arte y Cultura

Dancing is vital because of its contribution to the training and discipline of the human being. It connects people with the rhythm and helps communicate emotions […]