Tears, Pride, and Diaspora: The Terepaima en Movimiento Screening

One of the most remarkable chronicles in my life as a journalist is that of Anton Ego -yes, from Ratatouille- at the end of the film. […]

Discover the Singing Children of the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Lara

Between YouTube videos of happy members of the choir celebrating the champions victory, shy smiles on camera, and charming phrases, we spoke with Darely González. She […]

Na’Guara Ensamble: Looking to Spread Venezuelan Popular Music

Venezuelan music identifies us, makes us unique, and connects us with our idiosyncrasy. It has been passed on for generations, and each new litter of musicians […]

Lara’s Concert Band Received the Divina Pastora with Serenades

The afternoon was filled with songs and serenades during the visit of the Excellent Patroness, Divina Pastora (Divine Shepherdess), to the Lara’s Territorial Polytechnic University Andrés […]