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Learn to Dance like a Professional with Tango Momento

If we talk about global multi-ethnic inheritances through the culture, in short, tango is one of them. Native of Argentina, it has been the motivation to […]

Do You Want to Be a Bartender? You Can’t Miss this Ronagave Basic Course

Bartenders Ronagave Academy will begin its Bartender Basic Course in 2018. Learn this world-renowned craft from experts who will show you the ABC of bartending in […]

The Slam Poetry Bqto is Coming this 2018

At Yo Amo Bqto we start 2018 with very good news for all the art and culture lovers, because the fourth season of Slam Poetry Bqto […]
Enjoying the activities in Barquisimeto

A Blogger Experience: How I Learned What to Do and What’s Getting Done in Barquisimeto

How did I get here? That is an interesting question, considering that my career has absolutely nothing to do with what it means to be a […]